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  1. Frugal Friday
    Well, today I'm thinking won't be all that frugal, as I have to go get a couple of social security cards for myself & Austin ... Not looking forward to the long wait. Will be doing my "homework" for my class while I wait. Or at least be reading my book "Getting things done" (helps us...
  2. Waste not Wednesday
    Started the day with a headache, so not going to work. I am doing laundry and will probably do the ironing later if I feel better. Decided to start back on a strict diet today. I am disgusted with myself for not controlling my health. Time for change!
  3. Simple Sunday
    Started the day with a cup of coffee and my computer. Fed all the dogs and cat and then made pancakes for DH's breakfast with enough left for tomorrow morning. Went to Dollar Tree, CVS, and Target to pick up things for grandkids Easter baskets. Put short ribs in crockpot for dinner, made...
  4. What's for dinner
    We are having a baked ham, baked sweet taters and sauteed green beans. We'll prob use up the leftover crushed pineapple we have sitting in the fridge. Dad beat me to using it up first, I was going to bake with it.
  5. What's for dinner
    A crockpot full of corned beef, potatoes, onions and cabbage. Didn't have a recipe, just added a cup of apple juice, tsp. pickling spices, 2 Tbs. cider vinegar and about 4 cups water to cover - hope it tastes good!!
  6. Frugal Friday
    Was planning on making a costume and prop today for my upcoming production, but son is bringing grandsons to build up fence for their dog. I am already keeping granddaughter during my spring break. I can't believe I said yes to taking his black lab. I guess you will sacrifice anything for your...
  7. Freebies
    If you didn't make to the last one or you just want more ;) Ace - Create Your Own Sale
  8. What did you get free?
    Could find the February 2012 thread, but no March thread so I am starting this one. I packed a friend's apartment and got the following for free: External hard drive NEW IN THE BOX Three boxes of tools 2 burner hot plate Toaster oven (newer than mine) Box of cereal
  9. Tightwad Tuesday
    Woke up super early today for some reason and surprised a few people :D Showered, packed up DH's food & coffee for the day, done the breakky thing and cleaned kitchen. Swept house, vac & ran the Roomba. Folded & put away laundry. Took out the garbage/recycling. Dropped DH at work and ran...
  10. What's for dinner
    In the crock pot, I have a French pot roast recipe going. Red wine, onion, carrot, taters, fresh herbs (thyme and rosemary), and a nice Chuck roast. S&P. Plus I'm gonna do some broccoli with bleu cheese tonight (roasted) since I have some leftover bleu cheese. Told'ya I'm on a French...
  11. Simple Living
    Nice sunny day, without wind for a change. The ability to go for a walk with doggie. Coffee! :) Washer, dryer, dishwasher.....that work. Really sweet, fresh oranges from the market. One sweet delicious mango (on sale!) Aleve relieved sciatica. wonderful French pot roast going in CP...
  12. Simple Sunday
    I started my day with a cup of coffee. Got all the laundry and ironing done. DH mowed the lawn. Went to CVS and saved $32 with specials and coupons. Made a large green salad for lunch. Cut coupons and organized them. Not going to do much else today. Enjoying the weather.
  13. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    New month!! New chance to not waste money!! What did you buy just because you wanted it, not because you needed it? How much money did you spend on little luxuries, or googaws, or fast food, that could have gone toward savings, debt reduction, or other things that could change the quality of...
  14. Home and family challenges
    Sorry, forgot to set this up yesterday! Today: 1) Go to gym 2) Clean out work car 3) Set up pedometer
  15. Health challenges
    Last month, I ate vegetarian the whole month. I did it to give my body a break, even though it was just a small one, from the abuse I heap upon it on a daily basis. This month, I will let my body know I still love it and want it to stick around, by finding the time to floss my teeth EVERY...
  16. Goals and Dreams
    January blipped by before I had a chance to even realize it was a new year. I didn't want February to go by the same way, so I challenged myself to do something that month that would make those twenty-nine days memorable. My challenge was to run five miles. I am hoping to meet that challenge...
  17. General Chat
    I am going to try as best I can to write down the conversation that I had with my friend this morning. Her mom is not better. As my friend sobbed this morning, although her mom is still with them in body, she is no longer like the mom she has always had and loved. The only thing her mom wants...
  18. Meal planning
    Today I'm going to do lots of cooking - really working on making as much from scratch as possible! ~ Granola bars ~ Homemade bread ~ banana bread Sunday: Scalloped potatoes, Pork Tenderloin (for girls), garlic green beans Monday: Pierogies, veggies and dip Tuesday: Leftovers Wednesday...
  19. Leisure & Media Arts
    I'm always looking for inspiration for what to read, tell me what you're reading right now. :sun:
  20. General Chat
    Not good news this time I'm afraid. She has caught a hospital bacteria and is in a bad way. Her kids are only allowed to go into the room one at a time wearing a mask and gown. This is what my friend wrote. Mom didn't make rehab this weekend. Complications and still in hospital. Please pray...
1-20 of 365 Results