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  1. Family
    Matthew Luke arrived on November 5th. Here's a picture: Labor and delivery were without complications. :) It's been a rough few days/nights. He has colic and I know many of you understand how bfing can have its challenges in the first few...
  2. Family
    Hi all! Matthew was baptized yesterday. We had a nice service. Dh is Catholic and is raising the kids to be, as well. I am Presbyterian, and my Dad is a Presbyterian minister. So, while the priest did the actual baptism, my father was able to give the little sermon. It was really nice...
  3. General Chat
    Here's a picture of Matthew, not yet a day old, with my Mother holding him in the hospital. :D
  4. Freebies
  5. General Chat
    If you want to know more about Matthew, click on the link that says Matthew Ward at the top of the webpage. Enjoy!
  6. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    When he gets home from work, I will sing Happy Birthday to him and then we will go out for supper, nothing special, but he love's CiCi's pizza, so that is where we are going!!!!!! Then we will come home and just spend quality time together playing games!!!!!! P/S Every year since we have been...
  7. Religion
    ...........down at the jail. Our Pastor called and asked if he would do it, so he did! Well, we go down there around 6 pm, the service starts at 6:30. They seperate the women and the men, and tonight was the womens night. Matthew preached and during the invitation a girl came forward and got...
  8. Stay at home moms
    Right now he is farming, which he loves, but he cannot be involved at church and he really wants to start his ministry. So he has been looking for another job, and today he went and applied, and they told him to come back tomorrow morning and they would pay him for his time, to see if he would...
  9. General Chat
    He called around 1 this afternoon to tell me that the air line had broke on the semi he was driving and that he was stranded in Owensboro! Well, Rodney, the guy who was also going there with one of the trucks, had a blow out and no spare. So Rodney was stuck on the side of the toll road and...
  10. Family Yummy, yummy, yummy!
1-10 of 11 Results