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  1. General Chat
    While I got a lot of my frugal ways from my parents and grandparents, I also credit being a 4-H member for 10 years with many of my frugal practices. One thing they made us do was keep an account book that listed all of our income and expenditures. We had to write an explanation of each item...
  2. Military Families
    Military Free Online Tax E-filing | Federal and State I have never used this service but a friend posted it on FB.
  3. Freebies
    ~Anyone wanna give me a referral code? I'm about to sign up...~
  4. Christmas
    homemade gifts for the first time ever..My Dad,Grandmother,Aunt,my two brother's,My SIL and MIL...I made: Cinnamon Rock Candy Peppermint Bark Cashew Brittle Banana Bread Pumpkin Bread Kahlua Chicken No's a hungarian dish that was taught to my mom by and elderly hungarian woman...
  5. General Chat
    AND humiliating me. GGRRRRR. I am an extremely organized person, everything has a place and should be in its place. My husband is the polar opposite. I honestly do not know how he makes it to work each day. He has passed his vice on to our children. We now cannot leave the house with one...
  6. General Chat
    Frugal Village is closing in on having 25,000 members! I know they are not all active posters but it is an awesome achievement. Thanks Sara and Gabe for a well run forum and congratulations! :grwave: :grwave: :rockon: :dancing: :congrats: :congrats::band::fdance::mdance::chug::tay: :dancing...
  7. General Chat
    Do you feel your assessment is too high? Learn how to appeal. See the attached pdf document from Rep Kevin Daley. This may work in other states as well.
  8. General Chat
    Are there any members living in Washington DC? I would like to PM someone from there on a personal matter, if I may.
  9. Military Families
    I have a question about notifying family members of the military. My MIL's bf got a text from his ex saying that she heard that their sonhad been killed overseas. Then the daughter in law was on facebook and the same people oldher the same thing. My question is this....the military has the...
  10. Freebies
    Pinecone Research now accepting new members ($3 Paypal per survey) PineCone Research is growing and we invite you to help! We are offering select members the opportunity to recommend membership to a friend or relative who is NOT a member of their household. Do you know of households that...
  11. General Chat
    The recent re-arrival of Jamauk on the scene got me thinking about other Frugal Village members I haven't seen in a while. Well, specifically - one member. Anyone heard from Frugal Nurse? But then I thought - Hmm - I wonder who else we're missing. So - who can you think of that you used to...
  12. General Chat
    Just wanted to say to all the Georgia members that I hope that they're staying safe and dry. I know from "talking" with others from down there, that they've had no usable water and that the roads are flooding and people are being swept away when they try to drive thru the water. I'm thinking of...
  13. South Pals
    What part of Kentucky do you hail from? How long have you lived in Ky? :catfly: :mouse:
  14. Family
    I know that people have to make their own mistakes and change when they're ready. But it's frustrating to watch when it's family members. My sister drives me insane. She used to be very frugal and raised 2 boys and paid a mortgage on less than $800/month. Since then, she's remarried and had...
  15. General Chat
    "Have I told you today how much I love you?" This is something my mother, my son and I say to each other whenever we feel like it (and to put a smile on each others face) and I just wanted to say it to all of you as in the short amount of time I have been a member, you have all given me things...
  16. Frugal Living
    I belonged to a 4-H club for 10 years when I was growing up. The word "frugal" wasn't really used much, but the entire concept was on frugality and making do. I learned so much from being in that club. I get the feeling that 4-H is not as big today as it was when I was growing up. Is it in...
1-16 of 152 Results