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  1. General Chat
    Davy Jones?! Are there no Monkee fans here? Wow! I love the Monkees and have had a huge crush on Davy Jones my whole life! The show came out a little before my time, but I caught it in the early 70's. My friends and I loved to watch the show and sing the songs. I wanted to marry Davy! Now if I...
  2. General Chat
    I cant remember who posted it about un-bundling your services and negotiation a better deal but thanks! I unbundled last week and called Dish network about the offer from Direct today. I got $10 off a month for 24 months with no contract. I called the phone co to inquire about pure broadband...
  3. General Chat
    Im so addicted to it. I love reading all the post and everyones tips and tricks.Love looking at the pictures.Im glad i found this place .Since i have Fibromyalgia i really don't go to many places in the winter.I stay home, doing ebay, cleaning,decorating,and be on the computer.:lurking:
  4. Family
    My sweet little great auntie passed away. She was a great lady in all things. She lived into her 80's and get this. She died the same day as her sister and will be buried the same day. Weird, but cool. We will miss her. She was a FANTASTIC cook. I use many of her recipes. I'm taking my...
  5. Pregnancy
    Hi everyone Its ages since I last posted - I have been away for the last month or so visiting relatives in Wales and England but I am finally home I sadly lost the baby at 12 weeks while in England and had a D+C when I got back to Ireland last week. we are just numb, this is my 2nd loss, I...
  6. Household notebooks and home manuals
    I thought I saw mention of this somewhere this past week. I ran a search, but can't find it. If it was you - or if you're familiar with the idea - could you please tell me about your notebook? :) I'm thinking that if we have a prolonged outage, I have a lot of info on the computer that I would...
  7. Preparedness and Survival
    As I am sure some of you are aware we had major problems with Terrorist's of late and 3 of the London suicide Bombers lived just 8 miles from my house:eek: !!( we are 200 miles from London, where they actually set off the bombs). Anyway, it seems we have a lot of Home grown dissafected and...
  8. Christmas
    Here is mine - got a few lights to figure out and need to buy some more icicles but it is mostly done!!
  9. Family
    I think he's hotter w/short hair, but at the same time, I thought he was hot in legends of the Fall. Anyone?
1-9 of 19 Results