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  1. Mid-Atlantic Pals
    Moving to Merrick (in Long Island) and wanted to know if anyone had any recommended places for cheap eats (and where to get cheap groceries). Thanks :)
  2. General Chat
    he was going down the steps backwards and lost his footing on the last step. hit his head and scraped his elbow. his head bled a little bit. i didnt find any small stones in the wound. he just cried for a couple of mins and is playing in here fine. he didnt seem out of it or dizzy. jase is going...
  3. General Chat
    a few mins ago he was at the dining room window watching my uncle and cousing fixing a car up. the phone rang and it sounded like he said go home.
  4. Family
    b4 merrick went to bed my mom read him some nursery rimes. he pointed to some pigs (i think it was for this little piggy) and said u to my mom. she said i dont think im as big as a pig (or something like that). jason and i started laughing. we went to the bowling alley and put put golf with him...
  5. Discount Stores
    dunno if its a good deal or not but i found a pair of sunglasses for under $2 (they were around $1.50 i think, cant find the reciept or package), they had one pair that were blue and had frogs on them at $2.50 but i wanted mom to save her money for whatever she needed at krogers. we got them at...
1-5 of 5 Results