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  1. Homesteading and gardening
    27 March 2007 Painting Rebar for Tomato Supports 27 March 2007 Painting Rebar for Tomato Supports I paint all the metal in the garden using green Tremclad. I lay the metal on a plastic sheet and use a brush. It only takes a few minutes. Longevity is about ten years or more with minimal rusting...
  2. Appliances
    Hi, do you know where I can find a metal electric kettle, ie no plastic bits inside, or a plastic lid, basically nothing plastic. Thanks
  3. Freebies
  4. Homesteading and gardening
    We were trying to decide how to reuse the huge frame of metal from out old box spring. Dh took apart the box spring and the wood framing went for more roosts in the chicken coop. I was looking at that huge piece of metal framing inside trying to decide what to do with it. It is fairly...
  5. Blog
    I don’t need the media or the government to tell me that the economy is heading south. I have a foolproof barometer of economic health in my own town. It’s called the scrap heap, aka, the metal recycler. For about ten years, I’ve been collecting my aluminum cans and taking them to the scrap...
  6. Home Environment
    Do they make metal storage containers similar in size and purpose to rubbermaid totes? Air tight lids, stackable? Rodents can chew through plastic, I would feel better if I had metal storage for my flour and such.
  7. Freebies
    http://www.nascigs. com/Earth- Day/Earth- Day-Quiz. aspx Sante fe Natural Tobacco Co 1st 25,000 to take Earth Day Quiz get Free Metal Water Bottle *Must be 21 and over This is from a mailer I got today. it doesn't matter how badly you do on the Earth Day quiz. if you are one of the first 25K...
  8. Question and Answer
    Does anyone have any ideas, tips or uses for extra wire coat hangers? I seem to have a lot of extra ones and I'm trying to find new uses for them.
  9. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    DH and I are gathering up some metal to scrap. Metal prices are at their highest right now, especially gold and copper. We plan to scrap a few lawn mowers, metal shelving some old basketball poles, and a bunch of copper we have laying around. Has anyone been doing this? What kind of items...
  10. General Chat
    Does anyone have a metal roof? We need to replace our roof this summer and dh really wants a metal one. From what I have read they are more expensive upfront, but you don't have the upkeep or replacement as frequently. He is planning on doing the roof himself if that makes any difference. I...
  11. Freebies
    Request brochures, metal samples, and more... All free of charge! Complete the form below with your information and we will get it in the mail to you same day... We offer you real metal color samples for each brand we sell! Please choose which colors you would like metal samples of... Choose as...
  12. Freebies
    Advertized on Travel Channel and History Channel Get a Free Metal Detecting Adventure Kit including a DVD and catalog from White's metal Dectectors. This is only available as a Call-in. Call 1-800-958-5105
  13. Freebies
  14. Freebies
  15. Health and beauty
    Mine from Walmart, packaged by Perrigo, are on the list. When you call the toll free # they will take your name & address (automated) and will send you a "return kit."
  16. Hobbies
    This tray can be used for flowers, herbs or wheat grass for a spectacular centerpiece or window embellishment. Here's what you'll need: Glue galvanized metal tray spray paint patterned grosgrain ribbon scissors Spray paint tray in desired color, allow to thoroughly dry before proceeding...
  17. Hobbies
    I would love to make some of these...... I see them at local fairs and they are expensive...... They are also all the same... I would like to make some but dh says I need welding equiptment...... I think I could use something called " J.B. Weld" ...... Now if I can just get dh to brake for junk...
  18. Hobbies
    I like this one too..... something I can do with all of that flashing I have...... This is limited only to your imagination.....,1789,HGTV_3257_1397209,00.html
1-18 of 18 Results