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  1. General Chat
    OK lady, I can't stuff my cyber letter into your cyber post pox and I ain't gonna fight you, because you are wayyyyyy stronger than me:D Karen Currently experiencing life with a sick Computer and wondering if I too have now got the Virus:laugh:
  2. Sewing
    I'm making a tote bag (quilted). What can I line it with. Can I use a sheet???? HELP!!!!
  3. General Chat
    Hi Michele, I hope you have a wonderful Birthday! with lots of everything! I hope you had a great weekend too;) :hat: :cake: :pblow: You deserve a great day!, enjoy! :hug2: Karen
  4. Sewing
    I love your sewing questions of the day, great idea! :thumb:
  5. General Chat
    Congratulations Michele. Keep those posts coming. I enjoy reading so much. :smball:
  6. General Chat
    I am not trying to embarass you but I wanted everyone to know what I think of you - I have never met anyone quite like you - you are warm and loving and sincere - you look out for people - and you give advice in such a gentle and compassionate way - you have made my day so many times and...
  7. General Chat I think these are the areas you were interested in - I still think for homesteading you might be more impressed with...
  8. FV Neighborhoods
    Your package is arriving via UPS.... Hope you like it....:D
  9. Kitchen Basics
    do you have a recipe for Refried beans - I know Michele does cuz she said in Homestead - Is it less expensive and better ingreds than say Rosita's?? Please share !! My kids are bean freaks!!
  10. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Michele Annette Hope you had a great day.
  11. Needle Arts
    Ladies I received your granny squares today in the mail, thank you so much they are lovely! :D I now have a total of 36 granny squares!
1-11 of 12 Results