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  1. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Jewel's new parent company is changing the store brand to their own branded name - don't remember it at the moment, but they are going to be replacing the groceries that are presently labeled as Jewel brand. Generally this means that those things are going to go on clearance. It's going to be...
  2. General Chat
    Hello, Just wanted to introduce myself. I am brand new to this forum. Just found it the other day and decided it looks very friendly and helpful. I am a SAHM to two kids. One is in first grade, the other is in pre-school. My husband is a self employed contractor. We live in the middle of...
  3. Midwest Pals
    Anyone from anywhere near the Cincinnati area?
  4. General Chat
    Just got back from my trip to CA where it is super dry, to our area which is soaked. I was with family in Iowa and it isn't a pretty picture there. The flooding is devastating. Where my family lives is still fighting it. Came back through Missouri today and part of the high way is shut down...
  5. South Pals
    I think it is Southern with some midwestern undertones.What do you think?
  6. Freebies
    Your needs and feedback are very important to us. To help us better serve you, please take a few moments to complete a survey and tell us how we're doing. As an added bonus, provide us with your contact information and we'll send you a FREE multi-tool for use wherever you go...
  7. Midwest Pals
    Hi! I am in a tizzy! My fiance just got a wonderful, too good to be true job offer (and promotion) in Addison, Illinois and I think we will be moving! I am very excited and scared! I lived in Houston for 2years and loved it and have been wanting to get back to the states for awhile and it is...
1-7 of 7 Results