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  1. General Chat
    How much do you drive a week? We have had our vehicle 10 years and every fill up up is recorded. Over the past 10 years all driving including trips averaged out to 11 miles a week. Our current average is more than that as the 11 average weekly is about half what it is to get Buddy to and...
  2. Frugal Canadians
    Curious what people have been able to 'buy' with their air miles in Canada. We don't seriously collect air miles. For those of you who do, what are your strategies? We usually cash ours in for gift certificates before Christmas to use as gifts for the kids.
  3. Vacations and Travel
    Good MONEY magazine article showing how little redemption value one gets from Delta miles compared to other airlines. Consider Delta miles to be worth about a quarter (.25 cents) to other airlines miles. That could impact your choice of airline, if you're considering miles value. Data from...
  4. Automotive
    Small, routine steps taken throughout your vehicle's lifetime can save you headaches and a lot of money in the long run. Here's how to get the most out of your car. Liz Pulliam Weston: How to make your car last, maintenance - MSN Money
  5. Health challenges
    Anyone want to join me and challenge themselves to run a certain number of miles this year? I'm setting my goal at 520 miles this year or 10 miles a week. Anyone else?:cowwave:
  6. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    i was notified by mail that i am about to lose my british airways flier miles, acrued from my former Lah dee dah life, when i lived on two continents. i am very close to a free return trip to london. i spoke to a british airways person who said i could save them by getting a british airways...
  7. General Chat
    I would like to look into of getting a cc for airline travel points. We are very good with our cc and we would purchase our monthly bills then pay it off so we can get the points. We love to travel alot durning the winter so I thought the points would help with the tickets. Does anyone else do...
  8. General Chat
    Well I shouldn't have been joking yesterday morning about not even feeling a breeze outside. We got whipped here in Louisville and I am VERY lucky to have my electricity back. I can't believe that Ike stayed strong enough to do as much damage here as it did. WELL over 60 percent of the city was...
  9. General Chat
    I am a very lucky person - I have to drive very little. I wondered how little, so this morning I took the last car mileage I had recorded (from early November when I had routine maintenance done) and today's and checked it out. It averaged to about 250 miles a month. And that's probably a little...
  10. Freebies
    If you use NWA Worldperks or might soon, there is a promotion going to rack up some easy free miles called Miles to Go. All you have to do is enter your WP's number here to register and then enter your number into this. You are signed up for a sweepstakes prize to Paris or Hawaii and you earn...
  11. News you can use
    Get 100 miles per gallon -- cheap! You can squeeze more miles from a gallon of fuel with a scooter or motorcycle than even the most economical sedans.
  12. Utilities Traffic is too busy and my city has too much crime for me to buy this thing, but boy am I tempted! This scooter is less than $2,500. I found it on the Honda web site. 2006 model. Where would a...
  13. Automotive
    An interesting article about how we calculate what gas is costing us: Every seven miles I go costs me $1.00 :thud: It's simple math, but I just never thought about it this way.
  14. Vacations and Travel
    I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!! My cousin is getting married in the caribbean next week. I spent about 3 months online trying to find plane fares that made sense. Plane tickets doubled since last year because of gas prices. I was so frustrated over the ridiculous cost to travel this...
  15. Frugal Living
    A thread over at the DIS got me thinking about this. Right now the jeep(that needs repaired) is sixteen years old and has sixty thousand miles on it. The 300M is five years old and has a little over sixty thousand miles as well. I've been reading about people driving cars past the two hundred...
  16. General Chat
    Do you drive every year?   Me, less then  20,000. I'm usually a passenger.
  17. Rebates, Refunds, Forms, etc
    i am in need of 125 Marlboro Miles (25 M5M). I would like to trade for something off your wishlist but I do have paypal. Lmk what you want for them... thanks!
  18. Midwest Pals
    Hi, I am looking for someone interested in swapping. These are thing I have....and want Please contact me directly at [email protected] Wantlist: Ocean Spray Free T-shirt form Hershey/Almond Joy/Kit Kat/Reese’s/Payday 1.55oz Wrappers AA miles Hot Bites upcs :Bagel Bite/Li’l...
  19. General Chat
    Were suppose to get 30 on the highway and we do. In the city or town, its a different story. We certainly aren't getting what were suppose to. Yours?
1-19 of 20 Results