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  1. Military Families
    My son graduated from Marine boot camp on Dec 2 and is now in NC in training. I never guessed the rollercoaster of emotions I'd go through having my only child join the military. Any other mothers?
  2. Military Families
    Military Free Online Tax E-filing | Federal and State I have never used this service but a friend posted it on FB.
  3. Military Families
    Life Inc. - We are the median: Living on $50,000, military-style I'm sure this isn't anything new to must of us military families, but I thought it was a good article nonetheless. I liked the 5 year plan being someplace visible. We need to do this!
  4. Military Families
    My grandson is in the Army is still in us but he said when you hear your name called for mail call it was like a child beign called to recieve candy or a kid on christmas morning said he never relized it would be that important.I am crying writing this thinking about all the people serving...
  5. Military Families
    What are some things you can send some one that in the army and wan't be home for Christmas?
  6. Question and Answer
    How far back can people in the military use coupons that expire? I remember people being able to still use them for x-amount of months after they expire.
  7. General Chat
    The Westboro Baptist Church is going to be in our town tomorrow to protest at a funeral for a home town boy killed in action. I feel so sorry for the family which has already suffered so much. I'm just praying for no violence while they are here.
  8. Coupons
    I have a large envelope full of expired coupons that could go to a military family overseas. If you know of such a family that would like them, please pm me an address where I can send these coupons to. Thanks:)
  9. Military Families
    was apparently on May 6. Did anyone know this? Did anyone celebrate? Search: Military Spouse Appreciation Day - Military Spouse Appreciation Day - 1
  10. Freebies
    Free Admission to The Childrens Museum of NH for military families (All day) The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire in Dover is offering free admission to military families on Memorial Day Weekend. Hours: Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 12pm-5pm, Mon 10am-5pm...
  11. Military Families
    Payday lenders target military families - Business - Your retirement - Personal finance - Thought this was a very interesting article about the dangers of payday loans for families in general, military families specifically.
  12. Coupons
    I cleaned out my coupon box last night and am looking for someone to send them too. I know there have been military families on here in the past that can use them, but I want to make sure I have someone that can currently use them. I don't get the Sunday paper, so these are all home...
  13. Military Families
    The first lady is ramping up support.
  14. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I know I said I was leaving for to do some stuff, but I thought this was more important for the moment. :laugh: Sen Reid has come right out and said that it looks like we're headed for a shutdown. HR 1297 is stuck in committee. It really looks like our military families are not going to get...
  15. Military Families
    ... my head is spinning and I keep telling myself "I can do this, we can do this, everything will be okay". OldMan is only 33 and had thought about joining the Army before but being away from us for 4 years was not something he was going to do willingly (no base in MA). He is serious about...
  16. Military Families
    A recent post about waiting on orders for a new duty station had me thinking about the adjustment to a new location, new base, etc. How do you prepare for it? Do you scout out the location on your own? Do you try to get into contact with current military spouses? How long of an adjustment...
  17. Military Families
    As we celebrated Thanksgiving as a whole family unit this year, I got to thinking about Thanksgivings past that the military has had a hand in helping making 'memorable'. (Please note---I didn't specify enjoyable, I said memorable. ;) ) I remember when I went to basic, I was in reception over...
  18. Military Families
    If you have a Golden Corral near you, they are hosting their tenth annual military appreciation dinner! Time is Nov. 15 (tonight) from 5-9. "Last year’s Military Appreciation Monday was a huge success, honoring over 335,000 veterans and active duty military with a free dinner buffet and...
  19. Military Families
    D card/proof of service required Restaurant Freebies Applebee's Restaurant - Free dinners to veterans throughout Veterans Day November 11th; selections will be from a new Veterans Day menu. Outback Steakhouse - Free Blooming Onion and beverage. Golden Corral- Free buffet dinner...
1-19 of 100 Results