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  1. Homesteading and gardening
    Ok, here is a newbie question.....when I was really little...I drank raw cows tasted different than store bought....Ok...I know that one is pasturized and the cream is that the difference? Is fresh cows milk ok to drink or do you have to heat it up? I know these are...
  2. Question and Answer
    Does anyone know the difference between the two--besides price? I make this Luscious Coconut Bread with macadamias and a ton of coconut. I add 1 c. of coconut milk to make it more luscious but a can of coconut milk is expensive--like 3 bucks. Recently I was in Big Lots and also the salvage...
  3. Homesteading and gardening
    27 January 2012 Cheese from Skim Milk 27 January 2012 Cheese from Skim Milk Disliking commercial cheese due primarily the salt content, it was decide to make my own. Method. Four litres of skim milk, ascorbic acid crystals purchased from a Pharmacy, controlled heated to 120F. Ascorbic acid...
  4. Homesteading and gardening
    25 January 2012 Almond Milk. 25 January 2012 Almond Milk Five hundred millilitres of almonds were processed into milk. The almonds were blended in two batches of 250 ml each with water. The mixture was then cooked until all the air was removed. This takes about 15 minutes. The cooked almonds...
  5. Homesteading and gardening
    24 January 2012 Soy Milk and Soy Cream. 24 January 2012 Soy Milk and Soy Cream. One litre of soy beans were processed into soy milk and soy cream. Method is wash the beans, boil for ten minutes, rinse. Blend until a fine texture, place in a tall pot and stir occasionally to remove all air. Put...
  6. Kitchen Basics
    Is anyone a raw milk drinker? I picked some up at the natural foods store today, it's organic and from a local farm. Oh my, is it delicious! I've done a little reading about it online tonight, and I'm finding that it has a lot of antibacterial and immune properties, similar to breast milk. I am...
  7. Lifestyle challenges
    I didn't even realize this was an option until reading about it a few minutes ago! I'm intrigued and want to know if anyone has experience with this sort of thing. I LOVE the idea of not buying milk at the store!
  8. Homesteading and gardening
    27 November 2011 Soy Milk Improved Process. 27 November 2011 Soy Milk Improved Process. After some thought I decided to improve the soy milk processing. One litre of soy beans were processed, which produced four litres of soy milk, and all the residue was utilized. The pictures depict the method.
  9. Question and Answer
    Finally decided to try the SO Delicious Coconut Milk. It is pretty good and I will probably purchase it again. I purchased the sweetened vanilla version and was wondering if anyone has tried the unsweetened version. I think it is this brand that is comes unsweetened. Am trying to watch how...
  10. Homesteading and gardening
    23 September 2008. Soy milk and Tofu making. 23 September 2008. Soy milk and Tofu making. A simple method of making tofu. Pictures depict the method.
  11. Homesteading and gardening
    14 September 2008 Making Soy Milk 14 September 2008 Making Soy Milk Using this home method, at least one knows what they are drinking. It is a simple procedure.
  12. Frugal Living
    I was at Target the other day and they had an endcap with milk, I chose the whole milk. One gallon was $2.49. I knew we wouldn't use the entire gallon before it turned, so I poured it into two ice cube trays and wrapped them in a freezer bag. I'm so proud of myself and would never have thought...
  13. Food challenges
    I have tried and tried to do the pantry challenges and eat what is here. I have tried to have a grocery budget, but with a baby who is adding baby food to the tune of at least $30 a month (those stinking jars are about 83 cents each and she usually eats 2 jars a day), I can't seem to do it. I...
  14. Sauces
    Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk Recipe DescriptionThis is a 'from scratch' recipe for canned sweetened condensed milk. (The brand name equivalent would be Eagle Brand) Its so easy, I may never buy a can again. This recipe makes the equivalent of one 14oz can (BTW I know this isn't...
  15. General Chat
    My mouth dropped to the floor last night when my family night that was suppose to be "having a good time" turned into (for me anyway) worry when my family night ended.. running into Super Walmart real quick for a couple of items which obviously milk was on the list and I saw the price for the...
  16. Discount Stores
    was at dollar tree last week and was amazed that they are now selling LTS milk in boxes good for a year at a time so i bought 20 boxes of whole milk and 20 of the 2% milk --you cant buy a quart of fresh milk for a dollar in the local food store they also have lots of canned meats too--just an...
  17. Frugal Living
    Just home from the grocery store... I buy Horizon Organic Milk in half gallon normally. Albies usually runs this about $3.29. Today.....$5.19 :ugh: I almost had to be scraped up off the floor of the dairy isle.
  18. Freebies
    Sign up to receive a free three-day sample of Nestle Nido powdered milk. The limit is one sample per person per email address. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Nido 1+ Sample
  19. Kitchen Basics
    ~I'd never heard of this until I saw it on the Burns and Allen Show today. I have whipped dried milk powder in a little water but I didn't care for the taste. Does the canned milk have a better taste? Is is similar to whipped cream?~
  20. General Chat
    Went to get milk and eggs there as I had to stop anyway and just didn't want to stop at Aldi's to save $1.25. Start the car..stop the car...start the car again..didn't pay. Standing in front of the milk...theirs was still $3.48 BUT the two other brands beside theirs were $5.74 amd $5.44. These...
1-20 of 185 Results