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  1. Pets
    Ok do you remember the movie E.T. ? Well our 4 month old puppy has discovered a new treat. There is much snow here where we live and it has become crusty so the smaller animals do not sink in it, well all the rabbits leave their droppings and the puppy, Hoops, just follows these little trails...
  2. General Chat
    Having 3 lines full of sheets and towels, boy am I going to enjoy that shower later and sleeping tonight! :D
  3. Pets
    The cat we rescued from the dump is having kittens. When we got her, we were told she was fixed!!! Well, she wasn't. She was pregnant when she came, so were now having kittens. Two so far......UGh!!! Not what we wanted, but will take them for now and see how she does. I'll...
  4. Kitchen Basics
1-4 of 4 Results