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  1. Candlemaking
    Do molds need to be oiled to ease the candles out? If so, which oil is best to use? Or can you just run hot water over them?
  2. Question and Answer
    Ok frugal family... I need your brains :) I have found a recipe to make homemade english muffins. I have the griddle (just bought at Walmart) but no english muffin molds. They sell them on for $3.99 for 4 but I really don't want to buy them online. If I can recycle something or...
  3. Candlemaking
    Does anyone know if you can use candy molds for candles (melted wax kind)? Will the wax be too hot for the molds?
  4. Candlemaking
    Hi all, I am awaiting my EZSoy candlemaking kit. It will be the melt n pour- so no molds included... I wanted to know what type of frugal mold can be used for making tarts? Also, are tarts wickless? I assume they are. If so, how do they get melted? Thanks for any information and advice- I...
  5. Kitchen Basics
    Does anyone here use cookie molds for shaping and baking their cookies? I'm a big fan of Brown Bag cookie molds and have a small collection. I love baking with these molds and love the look of the finished cookies. Many of these molds are being traded on Ebay and have become quite collectible as...
  6. Candy making
    Hi everyone! I just wanted to see if anyone would happen to know where I can find a sucker mold in the shape of a tiger - I'm making sucker arrangements for a football team and DESPERATELY need a tiger. I've looked everywhere I know to look with no luck. Any help would be very much...
  7. Kitchen Basics
    I will be making chocolates for Christmas, where can I find holiday themed molds? I've checked the craft stores and they don't have any out yet.
  8. General Chat|29149|29150|47561|111532&Page=2
  9. For Sale or Trade
    Like these--I'm not looking to buy them new (by ordering them through a rep I mean LOL)--am hoping someone has some to sell or trade. Here's the link to the ones I'm talking about:
  10. Soapmaking
    warning not frugal, but beautiful molds.
  11. Soapmaking
    I would really like to start making soap. I'm going to start with the melt and pour kind and was wondering what types of things you ladies use for molds. I know I can buy soap molds, but don't want to spend a lot of money if I can use things I already have around the house. What basic...
  12. Soapmaking
    I've been looking for some Halloween and Christmas soap or candy (they work too) molds, but I can't find any at the stores here. If anyone has any they are okay in parting with please email me your price and what youhave. [email protected] Angela
1-12 of 12 Results