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  1. General Chat Check it out! ~KB
  2. Home and Family
    1. Cut out the soda and drink more water! You'd be surprised how much you will save. 2. Go over your grocery list. Try buying more off-brands. Most of the ones I've tried are just as good as their more expensive counterparts. 3. Buy clothes and shoes for you and the kids from the clearance...
  3. Miserly Monday
    Good morning and happy Monday! I just sent DH off to work and I'm ready to get this day started. I have the laundry going and a stack of dishes to do from last night's dinner. Today I am meeting a co-worker for lunch, taking some clothes to a consignment store, going to the dry cleaners and...
  4. Just Tips This information provided by the above website. Plastic Milk Bottles 1. Cut off a portion of the top, leaving the handle in place. Add birdseed and make a bird feeder, hanging it on a clothesline or tree branch. 2. Make a garbage caddy for...
1-4 of 4 Results