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  1. Relationships
    I really didn't know where to put this but I thought It would be fun to write down the most memorable things your kids say. Kinda like they say the darndest things! This morning is recycle day and my 4 yr old DS just loves to watch the trucks. I was coming in from the garden and he was standing...
  2. Family
    Tonight I was opening a bottle of cloraseptic sore throat spray.  After I took it Adam asked me how it tasted.  I said, "it tastes yucky!"  He said "maybe it's Buckley's.  Tastes awful, but it works!"  (do you think he's seen that commercial enough?)   A few weeks ago I was driving in the...
  3. Family
    I'm having such a wonderful time with my niece Ella today. :yippee: We took her up to the swimming pool and she really enjoyed her time there and watching her cousins and their friends make big splashes off the diving board.:) We were playing in the water and just having a great time when she...
  4. Family
    Lauren (age 4) told Kathryn (6 yrs old) that I ATE them, and that's how they got in my "tummy" before they were born :laugh:
  5. General Chat
    I went shopping yesterday, only for a few bits only to find we have NO money AGAIN! (that's another story but I was NOT happy) So I came home again rageing and screaming about how I'm sick of this always happening blah blah blah :pdoff: :fight: Emily came up to me and said 'you mad aren't...
  6. Family
    Tyler is just starting to be able to actually communicate... and he did his first funny yesterday without even knowing it... His 2 bigger cousins were here playing and they started asking him what different animals say. They asked what the cow says and he said "ooooo"... they asked him what the...
1-6 of 8 Results