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  1. Home and family challenges
    I'm very new here, and not sure where to post this thread, but this looks like a good spot. My husband and I moved into a larger home this past sunday. I have a need/want/desire to keep this place clean and organized. I want to change old habits of "just put it there, and I'll put it away...
  2. Christmas
    What presents brought tears of joy to you or another? Share your moving stories
  3. Dave Ramsey
    OK, I really DON'T have a few minutes, but I'm making a few minutes. LOL We are finally in our own house again. The payment on this house is the same as our last house, and in the 7 mths we were living in my grandparents' basement, we have been able to save up quite a bit of money. We used...
  4. General Chat
    We are finally moved. Not all unpacked, but all of our stuff is here, lol. The 'net got turned on yesterday. It's been a long few weeks and will be a long few more weeks. I've set the 18th as my deadline as I've already invited folks over for a party.
  5. Family
    I could just cry and cry I live 10 minutes from my ex husband. Me and my girls have spent alot of time with my ex husband and his girlfriend the last few months. She spends the night some school nights at his house and he gets her ready for school plus she gets all the attention at his house...
  6. General Chat
    Well, it finally happened and I moved Friday. The phone line didn't come on until today. DirecTv won't be on til Thrusday. It has been interesting to see how dependent I am on the computer and TV. Ok, so I had the radio going in the meantime. Can't really say I enjoy the radio to much. Am...
  7. General Chat
    We moved last week and I've been without the net! What a tragedy. I was really starting to go through withdrawel! We still have stuff at the other house and we haven't even started on the garage yet. Can I just say that I HATE MOVING! Luckily this is our forever home, so I really shouldn't...
  8. General Chat
    To our new house. Now to just unpack all these boxes. sigh
  9. Health challenges
    I got the kids off to school and then did WATP 2 mile express (stretchie band). I'm looking to start a big challenge for myself tomorrow. I'm going to try to do 40 miles in April. We'll see how that goes.
  10. General Chat
    We're finally all done moving - yuck - what a big fat pain in the rear end that was! Now, if all the boxes would magically unpack themselves......I missed you all - it's strange, but I really did miss being here.....I'M GLAD TO BE BACK HOME!!! :mdance:
  11. General Chat
    yesterday, they have a 2 year little girl. So Im glad for my good neighbour next door, she has a little girl that will be 2 in July.
  12. Leisure & Media Arts Remind me to find a smiley that gags, but doesn't actually vomit.
  13. Needle Arts
    I moved from Blogger to WordPress today. I've actually had this WP blog for a while, but have hemmed & hawed about whether or not to move it. I like the WP format better, but I hadn't had any problems with Blogger so nothing really motivated me. But after much though I decided to just do it lol...
  14. General Chat
    Well we have officially closed on our house and gotten moved in. All that's left at the old house are two glass pitchers and some pf my late grandmothers china which Joe will pick up today when we goes to haul off the trash that we couldn't fit in the trash can. He is then going to turn in...
  15. Frugal Living
    When it rains it pours had my 2nd hand surgery and i took a turn for the worse I am not healing like i should so food bill still up, plus our computer moniter died, we had a $554 cell phone bill due to someone staying with us using the phone during the day:fpunch: , then the kids have been using...
  16. Support
    I *think* (fingers crossed) that she's turned the corner and finally getting better. She even asked us to bring her makeup to the hospital tomorrow :laugh: It's been a long 2 1/2 weeks but I think, I hope that she's gonna get better soon. I'm really tired and so is my ddad. But hopefully now...
  17. Frugal Living
    Between brakes on the pickup, motor on DS's car, Dryer sounding like its ready to head to Mars and other things We are :bang: :bang: our heads with what will come next. My DS's car needed head gaskets but when they get in the block is cracked on the motor, brakes on the back of the...
  18. Coupons
    Maybe it's just my imagination, but here's the URL:
1-18 of 37 Results