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  1. Blog
    Will someone PLEASE explain to me why my retired neighbor feels the need to run her snowblower at 5:00 AM?? This is the same woman who uses her lawn mower & weed wacker at 5:00 AM. Seriously, it makes me angry. Our houses are pretty close together. Her house is on the street that runs...
  2. Green Living
    I've been looking and thinking and thinking and looking - but I can't decide - nor can I find anyone locally that has one that I could borrow to play with - anyone here have one? How do you like it? Pros are obvious - but are there any cons??
  3. Secondhand Shopping
    Well, we closed on our house Friday morning. We went back to the apartment and made this list of all these things we wanted to do and save up for and things we would need. Then my friend called and said her parents were getting a new lawn mower and would we like their old one. It worked...
1-3 of 6 Results