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  1. General Chat
    well tis the season....i have spent the last two days out in the garden--weeding, tilling......... up-down--up-down....:ugh: now all those muscles that have had all winter to hibernate are rearing their ugly little's ache time....:sigh:
  2. Health and beauty
    For the last couple of years, my hips have become increasingly stiff and sore. I used to be so flexible that I could lay on my back and bring my feet up over my head and touch my toes behind my ears. Now I can barely get my feet up over my head. I'm finding pain when I walk stairs or uphill...
  3. Pregnancy
    I'm having a strange feeling in my abdomen as I recover from my c-section, and since I was so large, I can't help but wonder if this could be a separated stomach muscle. Everything I'm reading shows that it is common, but that I will never get my semi-flat tummy back as a result. Anyone have...
1-3 of 3 Results