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  1. Pets
    I thought this might have some useful info for you furmommies....................
  2. Pets
    I know some of you will think this is revolting LOL but I've just inherited two rats! I used to breed them and had loads anyway my SIL has one and she tried to introduce two others and they fought so I got them! We've come up with LOTS of names but I keep changing my mind! First I thought of...
  3. Pets
    How do you decide on a name for your pets? We named our Rottie Xena because our ganddaughter, Lizabeth loved that show. Boogie was named by our son. He said she was so active that she boogied around all the time. I honestly don't know why I picked Jezabell for our calico's name. I guess I just...
  4. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    can everyone please repost their ebay id we can see what each other has to offer?!?!?!;) mine is: mlf102 ps. thanks!!
  5. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Just curious how you decided what to name the kiddies. I had a hard time with DD3, I can't imagine having many children. I would never know what to name them! Here's mine: Ashlee Elizabeth: Ashlee is a name I had picked out when I started dating DH at 15 years old. We both loved this...
  6. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Do you think it is important for children to have a middle name? my name is hyphanated and so are my children so we have very long first names but no middle name. so what do you think is there an advantage to having a middle name??
41-47 of 48 Results