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  1. General Chat
    Just returned home from my Dollar General coupon day (spend $25 - save $ it right, spend exactly $25 & it works out to 20% off everything you buy. That's all those $1 items now costing .80 cents)...My DG lets me do as many 'deals' as I want and I calculate them right to the penny of...
  2. Family
    So after watching a very eye-opening documentary last night called the Age of Stupid, I got to thinking a lot about what's been going on for the last hundred years. My main line of thinking surrounded the current times and what may happen in the next fourty years. This is a significant time...
  3. Multi-generational/multifamily
    As some of you villagers know, I live and care for my elderly father. He's by no means someone who needs 24/7 care but he is aging and rather quickly due to failing health conditions. My dad has issues with walking and balance. He will look left or up and stumble to the right and vice versa. As...
  4. General Chat
    We are way ahead of them.
  5. Question and Answer
    My point I guess is people think I am nuts when they see my baggies drying on a special line in my kitchen window, and my big backstocks of things like toilet paper and laundry powder that I only buy when extra cheap and then stock up. They think since I am earning similar incomes to them I...
  6. General Chat
    I was wondering how many of you are Frugal by choice or by neccessity? I lost my income following a car accident 10 years ago, now I can longer work, I have found that my natural instinct to use things in creative ways has been honed to not-quite-perfection:D Although we could spend more than...
1-6 of 6 Results