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  1. Needle Arts
    September's Challenge has been posted! Please reference the listed link to find it!! Frugal Village Forums - View Single Post - 2009 Needlework Arts Challenge!!
  2. Leisure challenges
    Only a few days of January left, so time to start thinking of February's challenge! I am going to make this one easy for you. I thought about Valentine's Day and President's Day, and nothing really jumped out at me. Then I realized that the reason nothing was jumping out at me was because I...
  3. Leisure challenges
    After a month of charity and giving, it's time to be a little selfish. :) This month's challenge is to make something for yourself. It can be for your home, if it is really something you've been wanting for your home (i.e, I am going to look into a tablecloth project for my little pub table)...
  4. Leisure challenges
    November is almost up!! Time to start thinking about the December challenge! For those of you who whined about a theme in November ( :) ), you can make the challenge whatever you want. No theme necessary - just let us know what project you are hoping to complete. For those of you who want a...
  5. Leisure challenges
    Okay, time to start thinking about your projects for November!! I'll give you a choice - it can be autumn-themed or winter-themed. For those of us who are still experiencing 87F days, it is hard to think of winter just yet, but I know some of you are already huddled around your heaters. :)...
  6. Leisure challenges
    For those of you who joined the Needle Arts Club, I posted this in the thread titled "Announcing the Needle Arts Club," but it is a pretty old thread, so I'm posting it here, as well. How about a challenge? Project Time!!! You have until October 1 to decide what your project is, and you have...
  7. Beadwork and Jewelry
    I thought this was kinda cute especially for the seamstress.
  8. Needle Arts
    I found an adorable barbie doll skirt pattern that calls for a size 1 knitting needle size. I have been to every store here & they do not carry a size 1...the smallest is a size 2.How do I modify the pattern for the skirt to look like its suppose to? It calls for baby/fingering there a...
  9. Needle Arts
    Found this site this morning doing a search for something else. :thumb:
  10. Needle Arts
    What size (length) do you prefer? Does it depend on the project?
  11. Needle Arts
    Unscrabble the letters to make words known to needle work crafters.(knitting and crochet):knit: HROCECT TTKINNIG LRPU NEILGS CHROCET HNCAI TEXN TTICHS Have fun ladies, good luck.
  12. Sewing
    With a side of Kathryn LOL who was holding it for pictures. This is where the needle pockets are: Back of the roll: Rolled up:
  13. Needle Arts
    What types of needlearts do you do?
  14. Sewing
    Ive broken two needles in two days sewing on velcro for diapers...should i be using a special needle for this??? Sorry im new to sewing and dont have a clue lol...
  15. Needle Arts
  16. Needle Arts
    This contest is to win 10 crochet and knit leaflets. These are older patterns and not brand new leaflets. Here are the details of the prizes: Bernat 1272 knit This is a 32 page leaflet Design features include Feather and fan pullover Shawl Lacy Panels Pullover Diamond Border Cardigan Short...
  17. Needle Arts
    frugalmommie Please private message me your email address.
  18. Needle Arts
    17 copies of vintage workbasket magazines. Dates range from the 60's-90's. The ads in the vintage mags are hilarious. There are recipes and some fun "making cents" frugal tips in some too. There are a couple that have small rips on the cover, but the insides are intact. Post a warm...
  19. Needle Arts
    I'm still working on my afghan I'm crocheting. (Dee haven't totally given up on crocheting yet.) I also dug out my knitting needles as I need to knit up some dishclothes, scarves and toques for the kids and hopefully some mitts What are you working on?
  20. Needle Arts
    for Michele Annette! :) TIA
1-20 of 40 Results