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  1. Homesteading and gardening
    Posting in the garden section, since there isn't a forestry section. Just noticed that the tops seem to be stripped on these trees. I don't care a lot, I'd just as soon be rid of them anyway, but don't want something contagious spreading to trees I care about. Picture is attached, is as...
  2. Needle Arts
    We've talked yarn. Now let's talk needles. 1. Do you have a preferred brand? 2. Do you have a preferred material? Wood-Metal-Plastic? 3. Where do you purchase your needles at? 4. How do you store your circulars? I really like my wood Clover needles. I have purchased them mainly...
  3. Leisure challenges
    What's on your needles? I have socks, about 1/2 way on first sock. I usually have a big project and a small project. Hum, need to check the stash and see what if I have enough yarn for a shawl. What are you making?
  4. Needle Arts This article explains things that novice knitters may not know when first starting to knit w/ circular needles. :D
  5. Needle Arts
    ...and for a newbie. Is that too tall an order? DPN's scare me, and I would rather try circs. TIA :)
  6. For Sale or Trade
    ISO the yarn in solid colors. I'd like to purchase at least 3 at a time if possible. Also ISO 10" size 19 needles. TIA :)
  7. Needle Arts
    I was determined to learn to purl, and I did! :woohoo: I am making a snowflake patterned dishcloth: And I'm about to start this basketweave scarf: (that will be for the January needle arts challenge, so I'll wait until Thurs. to...
  8. Needle Arts
    As I mentioned the other day, I'm a brand new knitter (finished the hat last night!!). My knitting instructor (who happens to own the yarn shop in town) has been pushing these Denise Interchangable Needles They are pricey, but it seems like this might be the only thing I need for quite a...
  9. Needle Arts
    I want to learn to knit, but want to keep the initial cost down until I am sure I will stick with it. I know I have seen knitting needles at the thrift store, but I haven't really paid attention to the prices. For you experienced knitters and crocheters, what kind of needles should I look for...
  10. Sewing
    I won a big lot of sewing items at an auction today and in them I found these sewing needles that are encased in glass tubes. I have no clue how old they are, what they are used for, or what. But there are about 20 of them.... I can't get a decent picture, but I found just one online. Here's...
  11. Discount Stores
    came with sizes 10mm and 5.5 mm. I wanted the 10's for the boa scarfs i want to make. the fur kind.
  12. Needle Arts
    My friend's daughter had a baby girl earlier this month, so I've been knitting PINK lately :D Booties Hat Flower Petal Bib I also made a prayer shawl for a friend going through some hard times I've slowed down quite a bit on my knitting. I start my classes on Monday so I know I won't...
  13. General Chat
    We had a really nice, young couple come look at the house the other day who seemed to really like it! They stayed a long time, looked at EVERYTHING and talked with us and our agent (who would also represent them) for quite awhile. Since he would represent them, we would only have to pay 3%...
  14. Pregnancy
    We'd all love to hear how you and the newest little one are we'd love to read the birth story! :tedblue:
  15. Needle Arts
    I was poking around.. Maybe our resident knitting experts can weigh in on this... but, this site shows how to make your own knitting needles.... Well... Heather... Missy... whatcha think??
  16. For Sale or Trade
    Prices do not include postage. Pay Pal, money orders, or personal checks (will wait for checks to clear before mailing, however). I am also willing to trade for various gift cards. If you are interested in seeing my ISO list, plmk. Schmetz twin needle 4,0/75 $3.65 each (12) *6 PENDING*...
  17. Needle Arts
    I'm just starting out, so I don't have that many supplies (yet lol). Right now I have all of my needles in a wide mouth canning jar on my shelf. I'm keeping my yarn in an empty Tidy Cats cat litter container. How do you store yours?
  18. Needle Arts
    Aluminum, plastic, bamboo, or...? I've tried all three of those, and so far I like the aluminum best. I've found by reading online that what type one uses is a personal choice, and most people feel strongly about what they use. So do you have a favorite kind, or does it depend on the project?
  19. Needle Arts
    I have always used aluminum (metal) hooks and needles but I am thinking about investing in some wooden or bamboo ones. What kind do you use and why? Do you have a specific brand that you like?
  20. Needle Arts
    I don't really have a place to keep all my crochet hooks in. I am also down to one yarn needle.....:eek: I was just hoping to get some organizing tips from where ya'll keep yours!!!!!! I thought of maybe buying a sewing box, but that would be spending money;)
1-20 of 25 Results