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  1. General Chat
    cry. She had a picture of my son giving me a hug and a kiss etched into glass put on a pedestal that lights up. Its one of the few pictures I have of us together. Fern
  2. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Sarah is 14. The following is a text conversation between she and I just today. She's been wanting a laptop for over a year. Sarah: Hey since we got my mom a laptop, she may want to start it tomorrow. Is there aything special we have to do to it for her to start using it? Me: She just has...
  3. Family
    I received a call late last night from my neice just crying...... I guess she had taken her 7yo son to therapy. He's bi-polar and also has adhd and he was acting out well he started swing on the woman so security was called and he started swing on him so they restrained him and put them in a...
  4. Stockpiling
    becauseeeeeee she is 8 and whom ever has the class that brings in the most canned goods get extra RECESS for TWO wholeeeeeee months!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol it isn't easy speaking age eight! I gave her a bag full, ha! so now I am more popular than my oldest sister the "fun" Aunt! Take That Aunt...
  5. General Chat
    Only thing I know now is The Operation went well. She was still in recovery and Mike and Renee were waiting to go in to see her.
  6. General Chat
    Just had a call from Fay ( my brother.) They let her come home last night but she has to be at another hospital early tomorrow morning for surgery to remove it. They said its about th esize of an egg. Hopefully we'll know more tomorrow night and praying its good news.
  7. General Chat
    My neice Adrienne ( 18 ) was rushed to the hopital last night with seziures. They did tests and forund large tumor inside her head. Please say a prayer that they can operate and its not caner. Sara I tried to put this in the prayer closet but it wouldn't let me post.
  8. General Chat
    received a call from my sister a few minutes ago. Samantha is still has the breathing tubes down her throat but they think she's going to be OK. They have her in a drug induced coma and if she can breath on her own tomorrow they will bring her out of it. They said the cabon dioxcide ( that your...
  9. Health and beauty
    dh gets to go back to work( light duty) tomorrow. he raised cane with the surgeon, but we can't afford it any more. we got neice back fine after christmas with her mom. however there have been more things pop up. dh took to much cumidin( they gave him 7.5 mg pills this time instead of 5.o mg and...
  10. Family
    ~My brother and his wife had their baby yesterday by c-section. She had a rough time of it. She went through labor up to pushing when the baby got stuck. But the c went well and mommy and baby are fine. I dropped my kids off at the best babysitter in the whole world and went to see my neice. I...
  11. Family
    oh gosh you guys this brought me to tears. the visit was great, at the end the sister started crying, she didn't want to go home she wanted to stay with us. neice explained to her that she had to go home but now that they had found each other they would stay in touch. they came out of the...
  12. Family
    3 1/2 years ago my neice got dropped of for visitaion and was never picked up again. she was dropped off with no clothes, nothing, many people here sent her stuff( which i will be forever grateful for) at that time in our lives we couldnt' have taken on the expense of another child for...
  13. General Chat
    This is Lavender, remember when I wrote the children's story? Well...Kelly illustrated it.
1-13 of 13 Results