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  1. General Chat
    Family cow shot and killed, left on street |
  2. General Chat
    If anyone is playing Zombie Lane through Google+ and would like a neighbor, please PM me.
  3. General Chat
    ...and I don't know how to feel about it. She is a nice enough woman, moved here about 4 years ago, has one son just off to college this year and one son about 11. They are nice people. She can be a picky-picky type person, and is kind of a health nut (rightly so, she has had tongue cancer...
  4. General Chat
    Man I am obsessed with that game! I will get up extra early just to harvest food. =) Add me as a friend if you would like!
  5. General Chat
    Sorry about this posting, I'm feeling a little lost in my emotions and just can't wrap my head around it. Our neighbors stopped paying their electric bill when their youngest was born... she is now about 2yrs. We've been running a cord over since earlier this summer when we found out they...
  6. General Chat
    Think this will work? :toothy:
  7. General Chat
    I am neighborly to all my neighbors but one. He is a hypocrite. He is my husbands age (43) but the kids called him the ogre of the neighborhood when they were little. The snow plow has been down our street several times. We live in a court and a lot of the snow ends up piled in front of our...
  8. General Chat
    At this time of year do you give a little gift to your neighbors? Like a plate of special cookies or someother neat little tastly things? Each year a few of us give little things. It is neat to taste these treats each year it is usually something different. I am going to be making chocolate...
  9. General Chat
    Her name is Karen, they attended a wedding on Saturday night down on the Cape, on the way home from the wedding just past midnight her son (32) who was driving lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree head on. From newspaper accounts it appears her son (who was only minorly injured, the...
  10. General Chat
    They're moving today. I had no idea. (But then a lot of people don't go around talking about how far in debt they are). I wish I had known about it, I'd have happily paid him to paint our house or do yardwork. He said he's been out of work and they got behind on their payments, and while he can...
  11. Question and Answer
    We just moved to a new town and now that the weather is warming up, we are desperate to meet and get the know the neighbors. What do you think is a good way to meet our new neighors - most immediately around us are elderly, but further down the road are some families with kids (we are...
  12. Blog
    Will someone PLEASE explain to me why my retired neighbor feels the need to run her snowblower at 5:00 AM?? This is the same woman who uses her lawn mower & weed wacker at 5:00 AM. Seriously, it makes me angry. Our houses are pretty close together. Her house is on the street that runs...
  13. General Chat
    Its cold and I took my kiddo's down to the bus stop this morning. The corner lot has this woman living on it who has 1309843 cats and 25 dogs, she is always screaming at them, and when I say screaming, I mean like we hear her up here 15 acres away like she were standing right next to us! While...
  14. General Chat
    I'm not sure where to post this, but just looking for some advice... our neighbors have hit our porch with their car multiple times. Unfortunately we are unable to "catch them in the act". It is obvious that they are hitting our porch due to the damage on the side next to their driveway. They...
  15. West Pals
    Just thought I'd see who else is from Colorado. I am a Colorado native born in Denver and currently living in Lakewood.
  16. Support
    I'm not so much venting about my neighbors dogs as I am about my NEIGHBOR! A family of 7 people and 14 horses, 1 cow, 7 dogs, 1 Llama, and 1 burro, moved in across the street from me about a year ago. :thud: The first night they were there, 3 of their dogs got out (fence and gates not made to...
  17. Frugal Living
    Dh and I were orginally going to go this route when we bought our next home, until we found a custom home builder that we fell in love with. It is a great program. Good Neighbor Next Door Program
  18. General Chat
    I live in a one-story apartment building (converted army barracks) and the walls are thin. I also share a porch with the neighbor to my left. I am very concious of my noise level and try to be very respectful of their "space" on the porch. On my side of the porch I have a small table and...
  19. General Chat
    Just curious as to how things are with the new fence and your neighbor? Has the game of musical cars in her driveway begun yet? Fill us in please, I need an update (I fell like an addict - LOL) All of the events and photos last week were so entertaining.
  20. General Chat
    I can not believe what I just saw my neighbor do. I was standing at the sink finishing up some dishes. I see here put something in her trash, it sits on the side of her RENTED house and that's my kitchen window view. She begins to pick up several small things in the rocks, Then walks across my...
1-20 of 46 Results