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  1. General Chat
    Last night my nephew road his bike up to to the local store to get some diapers for the newborn. They have a car but its 2 blocks.On his way back a van going around 45 hit him he has some serious injuries. His wife was wondering was taking him so long. She heard the sirens and of there friends...
  2. Quilting
    for his third birthday
  3. Family
    Drew my sister's son. He had cancer twice and was given 8 months to live. Now 9 years later he got a full ride to Mizzou to play wheel chair basketball. He had leukemia when he was 6 (his little brother was a perfect bone marrow match) and then cancer in his knee a year later they think due to...
  4. General Chat him, his girlfriend, son, and friend are all ok. but please pray for them! this just happened yesterday. they are staying with his mom right now, but keep them in your prayers please.
  5. Support
    Doug just called and he's headed to the Hospital, his nephew was given something from some kid in school today. was told it was a sweet tart but wasn't He has been having convulsions and is now in a coma. Not sure about the coma as Doug's sister was very upset trying to explain. Please send up a...
  6. Christmas
    I have no idea what to get my Nephew who will be two years old in February for Christmas? Do you have any Inexpensive gift ideas that I could give him? I was thinking toys if possible or any other suggestions other than clothes considering they grow out of them so quickly.
  7. Family
    Well it has almost been a month since he moved in and all I can say is I love this kid sooo much. He is a great kid and not giving us a bit of trouble. He enjoys being here and we enjoy having him! He even goes bowling with my hubby and he subs for my hubby's league! I guess I did all that...
  8. Family
    I hope me and my dh made the right decision. My nephew signed up for a local community college by our house. They live approx 1 hour away and my sister doesnt want him driving back and forth since he is a new driver. Anyway she asked me to think about him staying with us. She is offering us...
  9. General Chat
    ~Everything went well with the C-section and my Sis-in-law Tiffany and the baby are doing fine! He was delivered yesterday morning and was 21 inches long and 9.5 lbs. We wondered if they could have gotten her due date wrong. Her daughter was just 7.5 lbs. Strange. I won't see pics of the baby...
  10. General Chat
    ~My Sis-in-law, Tiffany, is having a repeat C today and I'm on pins and needles waiting for news. I've been praying since last night that everything will go well. :yippee: :nerv2: :yippee: I'll update when I hear something. I'm so excited!!!~
  11. General Chat
    I hope he's getting better with each passing day. You are all in my thoughts and prayers :hugz: :well:
  12. General Chat
    As I write from home now, I've just talked to my nephew's wife and he seems to be doing a little bit better this morning. He was in extreme pain yesterday:( His face is sooo terribly swollen. His right eye is swollen shut and his right side forehead is huge. The scar goes from more than half way...
  13. Christmas
    In the $20-30 range. His birthday is December 2nd (when he'll be 15), and I think I'm going to get him an AMC movie theater GC. I still need to come up with something for Christmas though. My only other idea is getting him a GC to a music-online type place (like Itunes but for his generic Mp3...
  14. Support
    They have repaired his right leg, left arm and part of his left leg now. They can only operate as long as he can tolerate it at the time so sometimes they quit before they're done doing something. His CAT scan is improving, bleeding has stopped and disappated, swelling gone down dramatically. He...
  15. General Chat
    Pictures of my great nephew-- sure wish he lived closer, so I could spoil him rotten :D The gray haired guy in the pictures are my brother Scott. God Bless!
  16. Family
    I just had to share this picture of my nephew Cade. He is such a cutie!!!! He's about 3 months old and I can't wait to finally meet him in person in a few months! I just want to hug and kiss that little boy!:D
  17. General Chat
    it's in the photo gallery. Hop over and take a look. I'm just wee bit proud :D
  18. General Chat
    I decided to take $10/week of my blow money and buy groceries for them for 1 month. Enough time for them to get a new job, get unemployment or whatever. So. . . . I pray before I grocery shop, shop the loss leaders, the discount bins, dented bins and so forth. Then I spend my limit of $10 on...
  19. General Chat These pictures are much better than the ones I posted earlier. I can't wait to get my hands on him and kiss him (before he grows too big to want kisses from his great aunt)
  20. Family
    My nephew is going to be born tommrow....They are going to give my sil something (i don't know whats it to cause her to go into labor in the morning!! I can't wait...I have one niece who is brother is the oldest and we are soooo excited that he is FINALLY having a baby...
1-20 of 20 Results