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    I found the article, itself, interesting enough... However, more interesting, to me, were the comments. I'm always interested to see how many different points of view there are about financial matters. Nevada family fights for survival in down times - Yahoo! Finance
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    $40.00 OFF A SET OF FOUR TIRES OR WHEELS 'Good At Discount Tire Stores in Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Utah Only.'... Print your coupon here
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    Hello! We haven't had a Nevada checkin for a long time, lol, years. I believe there are several of us on this board now. I completely understand annonimity so the town is not necessary unless you want to give it out. Something about where I live: I'm in Pahrump. I've lived here 9 years...
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    Nevada State Railroad Museum Memorial Day Steam Up Military personnel ride free on Memorial Day Steam Up weekend, May 26 through 28. The Museum is located at 2180 South Carson Street in Carson City. Phone 775-687-6953 for more details.
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    Hi, I am in Nevada. I live in Pahrump, which is about 60 miles from Las Vegas. I hardly ever go to Vegas and I hate to go there. Love the shopping but hate the drive. Pahrump is a town of about 32,000 but considered a small town. No hospital here. Haven't been to Walmart for 2 years now...
  7. West Pals
    My name is Kristen. I am a stay at home mom and would like to have a buddy who I can talk frugality with and talk mommy stuff.
1-7 of 7 Results