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  1. Leisure & Media Arts
    Free Land in the Heartland Draws Newcomers By CALVIN WOODWARD ELLSWORTH, Kan. (AP) - Here in the heartland, the prairie homesteading tradition lives again. Land - that coveted, crowded, pricey possession in America's hot spots - can be had these days for nothing in a growing number of Great...
  2. FV Neighborhoods
    New weekly pals group start up: so far I have crdurham scrappycat lucy979 mjslady ellise PrairieRose hmsclmom Jeanieb heaven homesteadmamma sewcrafty calico Ellise karlisangel voodidit vecollins JALCCLARK sign up to this thread please. mylittle4, I wasn't a very good pal. My apologies. The...
  3. FV Neighborhoods
    Neighbors and Newcomers Come join in our newest way to socialize in the village. Neighbors and Newcomers is a way for us to mingle a bit with new and different people and get better acquainted. Here's how it works: First you need to say you are interested. You can do so by replying to this...
1-3 of 3 Results