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  1. General Chat
    Just wondering if anyone wanted to share cute nicknames for pets or kids... my mom was teasing me the other day because we call our DS "CBE" (which stands for "cutest baby ever"). Anyone else want to share or embarass their kids?
  2. General Chat
    Another thread has me wondering, what nicknames or terms of endearment do you and your family call one another? We have lots, the list could go on & on. Toots, Bubbles, big daddy, Mr. super cool groovy, Pop's daddy-o,Pal, baby girl, goofball wierdo,honey, dear, sweetie pie , snookums, crabby...
  3. General Chat
    When my girls were little they had trouble pronouncing certain words/names. The oldest is Jessica (Jessi) and her little sister (18 months younger) has NEVER called her anything except *sister*. I guess she couldn't ever say Jessica right, so she thought *sister* was easier? And Jessi used to...
  4. Family
    What are your children's nicknames? Bradley (3 yrs) is Turkey, Monkey or Bradley Pierce (his middle name). We don't call him Brad but figure he'll get that too. What got me thinking about this is my three month old, Lauren Elisabeth. She doesn't have a nickname yet and I was thinking it was...
  5. Valentine's day
    Name a romantic nickname. It can be one you call your honey or he calls you or one for fun and made up. I'll start with snookums. (made up)
1-5 of 5 Results