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  1. General Chat
    Do you write them when you recieve a gift? Do you have your children write them? My daughter is 6yrs old so this is the first year I am having her write them for her Christmas gifts. I am trying more and more to give my children an "old fashioned" childhood. I am also trying to teach them "old...
  2. Home Environment
    This is for the teens of course. (would be nice if I could pull it off with dh? heh) Kitchen: Your mom does work here, but not after dinner hours. So please clean up when you decide to make scrambled eggs, mac and cheese, and whatever you didn't think I would notice. Notice how spotless the...
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    Post-it Post-it Notes Super Sticky Challenge
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    3M Post-it Pop-up Notes FREE Sample Offer
  5. General Chat
    We ( my family) has just now entered the realm of texting. In a effort to reduce phone service bills and to give our teenager a cell phone. We changed our plan for home and cell. We can now text and as much as we want (unlimited). So now we send notes instead of calling each other. I feel...
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    Free Sticky notes from Sandy Paper To see the quality of our products for yourself, use this form to request sample. Your free sticky notes sample will come with our website URL imprint. Your sample will go in the mail tomorrow (or the next business day)! Thanks for stopping by Sandy Paper...
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    ORDER YOUR OWN FOR FREE! Do you wish to receive your very own FREE package of “Here is My Opinion” post it notes? Fill out your information below and we will mail you out one package of 25 self sticking sheets!
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    Free Sample of Post-It Super Sticky Sight Word Notes for Kids
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    Lip Notes - Promotional Lip Balms Free Sample to U.S. Business Addresses Only "Our Clients" Wynn Hotel Ritz Carlton Wells Fargo San Diego Zoo Real Estate Agents Mortgage Companies Auto Dealerships Insurance Agents Spas and Resorts Gift Stores Travel Agents Schools (perfect for fundraisers)...
  12. Freebies Katy
  13. Weddings and bridal showers
    Let's see. . . . Brides mom was uncooperative Saturday, but did fine on the day of the wedding. Lots of people stepped up to help -- an older couple from church took all the family out for lunch, so I wouldn't have to cook, clean for lunch. People grabbed stuff and helped as soon as they saw...
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    This goes out to Tammy- she found this and deserves the good karma for sharing. Not sure if you will get this if you aren't already I registered member- I am and it worked for me, but who knows what will happen if you aren't.
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  18. General Chat
    Responding to another post brought this to mind. Where do you leave notes to yourself. I used to leave them on the refrigerator but dd has that too decorated with her art work. If I am at home, I leave a note on my bathroom mirror. If I am at work, and the note is for home, I tape it to my...
1-18 of 23 Results