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  1. Utilities
    I can't even begin to imagine if so many people are getting their utilities cut off now, what it will be like this winter!
  2. General Chat
    Our new fridge and stove will arrive on Friday! Our stove is not consistently cooking. We looked at replacing the teh elements and the thermostat but it is old, and just not worth it anymore. We wouldn't be able to sell if for the price of the new parts. The fridge isn't keeping things anymore...
  3. Frugal Living
    Well, DF has now graduated to DH!!! We got married yesterday in a very simple, but great ceremony in ottawa with 2 of our friends as witnesses! It was honestly one of the funnest trips I've been on!! We of course, as we half expected, tapped into our savings and they are now drained...there goes...
  4. Pets
    ruby 150 pounds heavier,
  5. General Chat
    Come join us!
  6. General Chat
    if you had a pole that you needed, yet it had been set in concrete,( like a clothesline pole), how would you go about getting the concrete off? ( can't bury it as it is, i HAVE to get the concrete off)
  7. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    I found out today that our local pet store may well be interested in purchasing cuttlefish. So I went down to our local beach with our daughter and found a fair bit. Tomorrow, I'll take the cuttlefish to the pet store, and let you know how I did. Apparently, in yet another of God's great...
  8. Health and beauty
    I know I say it a lot, but I love the concept :) ---Every day is a new day to start over fresh and make healthy choices for ourselves --- So lets start with right now! :) Stop and put on your shoes. Take a walk even if for only 15 minutes. And 15 goes by so fast, sometimes I end up walking...
  9. General Chat
    please join us in the chat room now!!:D just go to the bottom of your page and click on chat! thanks!! see you there!:D
  10. Quilting
    I'm so annoyed at my son I could scream. I spent days and hours making my little room into a sewing room. It was tiny but it was ALL MINE!! After last night, we have got to put ds#2 into his own room because he keeps everyone awake, including his brother who needs his sleep. So I'm...
1-10 of 13 Results