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  1. Question and Answer
    Am curious to know how expensive it is to live in the NYC area. Everyone automatically says oh it is expensive to live there. I have comparison priced stores in the area compared to where I live now. The prices are the same. Also do not own a car. So I am wondering how much more expensive...
  2. Home Environment
    I got an email today. If you're interested in being on one of these shows, now's your chance. I have no affiliation with Style Network, just passing the info along... NOW CASTING!! The Style Network's HIT SHOW ‘Clean House’ is NOW CASTING IN THE 5 boroughs of NYC families with CLUTTER...
  3. Coupons with zipcode 29406 has a coupon for $1.50 off two NYC products.
  4. Vacations and Travel
    Taking the kids to NYC for the weekend after Thanksgiving. Staying in NJ and taking bus to Times Square. That's probably the only frugal part. Lol. Any tips, hints etc. would be appreciated. Thanks all
  5. Vacations and Travel
    I got to spend a few days in NYC with a school group. It was amazing. The kids got to see everything they wanted. Broadway was terrific...we saw The Lion King. The weather was crappy, but we didn't let it stop us! Nothing like travel to make you appreciate HOME! We sure are glad to be back...
  6. Vacations and Travel
    Hey Everyone, I am going to NYC and Philadelphia for the first time in less than 3 weeks and am sooo excited. I have a conference in Philadelphia for work and I am adding a 3 day visit to NYC while I am already in that area. I have never been to either city and am looking for any ideas that...
  7. General Chat
    This Sunday we are leaving for NYC for the week. We will be working at the YWAM base there. I have no clue what to wear. I don't want to look like a complete goofball. It's going to be hot (although still cooler than Arkansas in July) so I know I need to wear something cool. I was thinking...
  8. Freebies
    Reserve your room May 15-18, 2008: Log onto and enter code NYC (in CAPS), or call 1-888-477-8315 and mention code NYC. In small print: Must provide credit card at time of reservation & at check in. Additional taxes/room fees not included. Offer subject to availability...
  9. General Chat
    I want some info about Elenis (the cookie and sweet store)!!!
  10. Freebies
    Be Part of the Central Park Film Festival! Tuesday, August 21 through Saturday, August 25, 8:00 pm Rumsey Playfield East 72nd Street off Fifth Avenue As a New Yorker, you have a love affair with this City. So does Hollywood. Watch with pride this August when Central Park and other Manhattan hot...
  11. Freebies
    Complimentary Tall (12 oz.) Iced Coffee @ Starbucks Wednesday, June 6th, 2007 10AM - Noon (*Offer valid at participating Starbucks stores in the New York metropolitan area. Not Valid in NJ)
  12. Freebies
    just fill out your information to get your free gift card to AJ Maxwell's worth $20!
  13. Health and beauty
    Ummmmm....I really don't know how I feel about this. Seems a little Big Brother-ish. It isn't as if it is a communicable disease or anything. However, I am all for diabetic education, and if the people WANT to be pestered by the doctor's office, then I think they should be able to opt-in.
  14. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Hope your day is extra special! :candle:
  15. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    Male Volunteers for skin care study NYC We are a large market research company seeking MEN, 40 years and younger, who care about their skin by using SKIN CARE products such as face wash, lotions, sun protection products...etc. PLEASE CALL 212-984-4164 to see if you qualify. You will be...
  16. Leisure & Media Arts
    Hi everyone, After two days of being glued to the television, I have decided to go to the store and buy food (Bottled Water, Bread, Cold Cuts, Etc.) & supplies (gloves. toiletries, etc.) that the rescue workers need and take them into the City to a drop off point for these brave and generous...
1-16 of 18 Results