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  1. Kitchen Basics
    We have a Zojirushi fuzzy logic type cooker and looking online for info on how to cook the oats in rice cookers vary all over the place. Website has 4:1 ratio on porridge settings other places tell you 3:1 on white rice or porridge setting and a few other ideas. What do you do? Do you rinse your...
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  3. Freebies
    Try Better Oats FREE and compare the great taste, texture and real flavors to your old brand of oatmeal. Share your experience in an email or video and we'll donate five meals to help feed hungry families in the United States. BetterOats Oatmeal
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  5. Just Tips
    Help!! Please advise what I need to do to keep little black bugs out of my oatmeal and flour. They are driving me buggy!! :yucky: Should I be keeping these type of things in the refridgerator or freezer?? Please help, I am tired of wasting money and ending up with bugs in it...
  6. Healthy Cooking
    Oats & Raisins Rum Balls 1/2 cup regular oats 2 oz. WW vanilla yogurt 1 oz. raisins 1 T. rum extract 1 T. splenda Mix all together and chill at least 4 hours. Roll into 1" balls. Chill. Makes about 10. Optional: you can roll them in a mixture of splenda or sugar and cinnamon.
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  10. Freebies Katy
  11. Freebies
    Get a free sample of Honey Bunches of Oats
  12. General Chat
    Not sure if any Wild Oats fans out there, just saw the headlines.
  13. Green Living Includes any packaged item (ketchup, mustard, jelly, milk, cheese, tortillas, cream cheese, applesauce, etc., etc., etc.) - natural or organic.
  14. Green Living
    all produce items are 25% off Apr. 21-23 in honor of Earth Day!
  15. Kitchen Basics
    Okay - what is the difference? I know Old fashioned takes longer to cook. Can I use Old Fashioned the same as I would Quick in recipes?
  16. Frugal Living
    (5) boxes Annie's cheddar bunnies $1.79 ea. - 50¢ coupons on each (normally $2.79 per box) 2.42 lbs. bulk organic pinto beans $.99/lb. (normally $1.59/lb.) Bottle of organic stoneground mustard $1.69 (not on sale - dh wanted it) Gallon of Organic Valley skim milk $4.99 2.75 lbs. organic...
  17. Green Living
1-17 of 17 Results