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  1. Home Environment
    I think I'm addicted to getting rid of stuff. I'm trying to empty out the furnace room, but there is nothing in there except empty storage containers! That's all I store, containers for storing, how weird is that? Empty shelving units, empty dresser, and empty containers. I don't want to get...
  2. Support
    Does anyone suffer from O.C.D.? I have had it pointed out to me that I have some serious O.C.D. tendencies. I took an online test and it looks as if I do have a mild case of it. I wash my hands, have food issues, and have deffinate personal boundries. Does anyone else have this? If so do you...
  3. Green Living
    Ok - To date, I smoke, drink caffine like it's going out of fashion, don't sleep well AND as far as the kitchen is concerned - I HATE the place! So if dinner comes in a box and takes about 20 minutes with instructions then I've done something amazing! You'll all be shocked to hear, I'm always...
1-3 of 3 Results