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  1. General Chat
    This is great.... and not... all at the same time. I want to get outta here and back in IA sooo badly.. BUT, we have kids that are in 8th, 7th, and K. We'd really like them to be able to finish their school year at the (lame) school that they go to. Lame, yes. But the end of the year would...
  2. Utilities
    We have had U.S. Cellular for 8 years and for the majority of that time we have had a military discount of 10% on the account. My husband was recently in having his phone swapped out and the sales rep informed him that because of who our employer is, we are eligible for a 20% discount instead...
  3. Freebies
    Click on the “Like” button on the Purina Pro Plan Facebook Page Pro Plan - Get Your Free Can | Facebook
  4. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I got a callfrom Discover Card today. I have a balance of ( 14,376 ) they told and gave it to me in writing they would except ( 5750 ) for payment in full. best part, the letter says no 1099-C and account would show paid in full. And I have 6 months 958.46 for six months and done...
  5. Careers
    Ok I know this is a loaded question. I live in Michigan and looking for VERY good benefits. I am looking for infertility coverage and or adoption assistance. Where would I look for something that has this. A hospital is one I can think of possibly Anything else. I don't have a degree in...
  6. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Our story is like so many others, small business, relied on credit cards, now in trouble with them. About half of my husbands take-home pay (he has a full-time job now) goes to credit cards; I only work part-time. One of the credit card companies called and offered us 0% interest for 60 months...
  7. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Hello, Dh just found out he is getting called in for a job interview. He has a job now but with no benefits. Current job $40 hr. with Unlimited overtime presently. No bennies we pay almost $1800 a month health insurance. New job $28-32 an hour, that's also capped at $32.00 hr. 40 hrs a week...
  8. Rebates, Refunds, Forms, etc
    World's Best Cat Litter™ — As Seen On TV
  9. Hot deals
    ~I'm seriously tempted to purchase my first Groupon today. It's a $50 of merchandise(even sale items)for $25 coupon. Good at Gap, Baby Gap and Kids Gap across the US and Canada. I have gotten some wonderful deals on their clearance racks before for ds so I may get one. | Groupon Philadelphia ~
  10. General Chat
    We have had our home on the market for almost a year, and finally got an offer on it!! The buyer wants an answer by 7pm tomorrow!!! And we have not even started looking for another house, 'cause it's been so long. So.... after I just signed up to work DOUBLE the normal number of hours next...
  11. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I got a credit card offer from Master Card today. The annual fee was only $750 a year. I just had to send everything back to them with "Are you nuts?" in big black letters on the application. Who, or what I should say, do they thinik I am? Anyone else getting any rediculous offers? Cat
  12. Freebies
    Collect 5 tokens from participating products, get free DVD (no S+H, either- nice!). I discovered this today when I went to throw out an empty cereal box- some boxes have a 'bonus' token so you get 2 tokens per box! I have my eye on...
  13. Rebates, Refunds, Forms, etc
  14. General Chat
    so I have been making offers all over the place. I made offers #9 and 10 today. Maybe one of these last 3 that are pending. My Sister just found out today she got one that she really wanted that we saw and offered on, Sunday! I know mine is coming. I am learning the fine virtue of patience in...
  15. General Chat
    They accepted the other persons offer!!! We are all quite disappointed. I know everything happens for a reason and there is something else out there for us....maybe even better!! I have been thru this and the chances of getting the first house you offer on is next to never. I even offered...
  16. General Chat
    I posted a while ago that hubby's job is closing. Well it hasn't closed yet (could be tomorrow or 1 month from now) but we are being proactive. He went and talked to some other auto dealerships (he's a mechanic) about jobs and yesterday he was offered a job. He will be working on the same make...
  17. Freebies Dh & I will be going to TGIFridays :hubba:
1-18 of 120 Results