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  1. Careers
    i have been working as his secretary for 2 years. he is a workaholic, loud mouth, high tempered .& likes to yell whenever he didn't get his way. when he has meetings, i have to make sure that he's not hungry. i have to prepare snacks, coffee & tea. because when he is hungry he will get more...
  2. General Chat
    Had to take ds to his appt. with his neurologist and I decided to combine the trip with a stop at Office Max to pick-up on some sales and necessitites. Walked out paying $1.73 (sales tax) for 2 reams of paper, 1 box of ink pens (12 pk), 1 box of file folders (25 pk), 1 color ink cartridge and a...
  3. Freebies
    Office Depot is offering a printable coupon for 5 FREE pounds of document shredding. Coupon expires 1/28/12.
  4. Financial hardship
    I just read the Huffington Post article about the mother who killed herself and critically wounded her children in the welfare office, after being denied foodstamps for the second time. This breaks my heart. The mom had to be desperate to do something like this.
  5. Christmas
    what would you give them for Christmas?
  6. General Chat
    :pdoff: frustrating. I just got back from the post office, where I was trying to send my nephews birthday gift (from Chicago to Alaska) A little background.... There is this guy (Travis) that works at the post office. Honestly, I think there is something wrong with him (mentally)...
  7. Computers
    ~I was looking for a free document program for my laptop and this one seems popular. Anything I should know before I download? Is it a simple Word type program?~
  8. Home Environment
    Someone mentioned in another thread about a friend turning a closet into an office. I've been thinking about it ever since, and looking through pictures on the internet. Has anyone here ever done this, or have any ideas for me? One of the bedrooms in the house we are buying is really tiny...
  9. Home Environment
    Share all your best tips for keeping your working spaces organized and tidy, great storage ideas you've come up with, systems you use, etc. And I want pictures!!! I know there are pictures out there, every now and then I see one pop up in the random albums on main forum page.
  10. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    I bought DD a new laptop at Office Depot yesterday for $300, even. They are giving $75 for your laptops (working & undamaged). LOL @ 'working"...DD's was about dead, she had to go through a very complicated process to boot it up and sometimes it overheated and shut off, but they said as long as...
  11. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    My ins. was billed 2x for a dr. To my knowledge, we got billed for the smaller amount but not the larger. DH called the billing service for this dr and the hospital where the surgery was done. Both said we are paid up. The student anesthesiologist (we haven't paid them yet) bills through...
  12. General Chat
    Hi, I don't know if any of you watch this show. I have been watching it on dvd and have a question about who someone is! In season 3 Michael and Dwight go to a convention and they meet someone nicknamed "The Bus", the guy is huge so I guess he's an NFL player. Does anyone know who he is? Thanks
  13. Freebies
    Office Accounting Express 2009 - FREE Download Microsoft Office Accounting Express is an easy to use accounting package that works with other Office applications you already know. It saves time on everyday tasks, gives you a complete view of your business, and helps grow your business online...
  14. General Chat
    Here is a list of POST OFFICE possible closings. Our town is not the list. Thank goodness.
  15. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Office Depot Ad (July 19- July 25) Office Depot folders 5 cents each limit 5 per customer Office Depot protractor 5 cents each limit 3 per customer Papermate 12 pack pens 25 cents each limit 3 per customer Scholastic 24 pack crayons 25 cents each limit 3 per customer >>FYI my local Wal-mart has...
  16. General Chat
    My grandmother mailed off a very important document to me. She sent it Signature Confirmation. She mailed it 11 in the morning on the 20th! It still isn't here as of yesterday's mail. Mail comes after 3 pm here to our house. I have called, they have no info on it, I have used the online service...
  17. Freebies
    Until May 30th, customers can get up to 25 FREE resumes and 25 FREE Faxes.
  18. General Chat
    You might want to grab a cup of coffee and get comfy. I haven't been on much the last while back. About a month ago I twisted my back and have been unable to sit ior stand for any length of time. Not to say I haven't tried and paid for it. I called the dr and found out that they had raised the...
1-18 of 83 Results