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  1. Health and beauty
    I was told that Dr Oz recommended that olive oil be used as a moisturizer for when you go to sleep. Has anyone tried this?
  2. Freebies
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  3. Health and beauty
    Does anyone know if adding a few drops (or more?) of tea tree oil to regular shampoo would make a product similar to tea tree oil shampoo? I really like the stuff, but it's SO expensive!! Thought I'd ask here before trying it. TIA! :)
  4. General Chat
    So...after a visit with the Dr...I've decided to give these horse pills another shot. OMG :thud: I am not kidding when I say that the brand I have are OVERLY huge for a horse pill. How do y'all manage to take these things?! Any tricks, tips or suggestions?
  5. Kitchen Basics
    Making cupcakes for son's bday party this weekend, realized I am out of veggie oil. Have plenty of applesauce on hand to sub in, but what is the correct ratio? The cake mixes I am making are 'moist' kinds, do I sub the exact same amunt of plain applesauce in lieu of the oil? Thanks!
  6. Freebies
  7. Kitchen Basics
    I made hot garlic olive oil today. It's supposed to take 2 weeks before it's ready, so I can't tell you if it's good, but here's what I did: In a jar (about a pint) I put: - 8 of those tiny Thai hot chilies, dried - 4 dried bay leaves - 5 each of black, white, green, and pink peppers - 2...
  8. General Chat
    Seriously. I'm trying to cut costs, so I'm using the one oil lamp we own and am trying to keep all lights/electricity to a minimum. I pre-warned my daughters that we'll be using an oil lamp this evening and they are to play together with one light on (electric) in the room. I haven't yet...
  9. Calculations and Alternatives
    Just wondering...:confused: Is it cheaper to light a house for two adults/two children with oil lamps (and what kinds or oil and lamps) than to use electric? Has anyone figured out a formula for such based on the price of electricity per kilowatt hour? Or, is it more cost effective to switch to...
  10. Kitchen Basics
    I love to eat deep fried fish but the problem is all the leftover oil. I know you can strain it and use it again, but I don't use it often enough and I don't know, it seems like it would spoil? I'm thinking maybe I wouldn't re-use it for 2-3 months. My question is: What do you do with all your...
  11. Utilities
    The pre-buy season runs 9/1-4/1.....right around the corner here. We have pre-bought 550 or so gallons for the winter, but upon checking today, our tank is 1/2 full. We pre-bought at 2.99 a gallon, price today is 3.39 a gallon (if you pay within 10 days, we always do). That's down .10 in the...
  12. Freebies
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  13. Freebies
    You'll receive a Nature’s Bounty® Fish Oil sample in the mail. Plus, you'll receive product updates and additional money-saving offers throughout the year from Nature’s Bounty®. Sign Up and Save from Nature's Bounty | Nature's Bounty - Perfect for Every Body
  14. General Chat
    Any Longer? Think some oil CEO's would be unhappy? I'd like to make them all very unhappy right now. I'd like a car, and a home fueled by water, just get me some water cisterns. I wonder how much one of these cars would cost? Car that runs on nothing but water unveiled in Japan. No gasoline...
  15. General Chat
    Just heard that oil hit the $120 mark this morning because of the unrest in Libya and the entire Middle East and North Africa. (It seems that Libya has one of the highest oil reserves in the world. We also heard something yesterday on our news that we have gas stations that belong to the Libyan...
  16. Kitchen Basics
    So, I purchased some coconut oil... and I read somewhere it needs to be refrigerated. i don't remember where, but so I put it in the fridge. when I went to use it, it was rock hard! is it shelf stable once opened, or do I need to go get an ice pick? :)
  17. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 15-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 2) for $13.54. I'm anxious to try it. Does anyone here do Amazon autoship?
  18. Utilities
    We were almost out of oil, so I just had to pay $479.85 for the minimum delivery (150 gallons) - and we are moving in two weeks! So frustrating! Do you think I can ask the landlord/ new tenants to reimburse me for the oil left in the tank? Or would they think I'm nuts? I may decide it's...
  19. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    what will you be doing now to prepare for the increase of gasoline prices? When gasoline went up to $5 a gallon in my area, I wasn't prepared. Gasoline kept going and going until it was out of control. So, I understand that crude oil is going up. I want to be prepared this time and budget...
  20. Success Stories
    You probably don't remember but last year after I bought my house I totally underestimated how much heating oil was going to cost me and I was freaking out about it. So what I did was last Spring after receiving my income tax check I put $1,000 in an ING account and $25 a week into that ING...
1-20 of 238 Results