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    11 September 2010 Okra (Clemson Spineless) 11 September 2010 Okra (Clemson Spineless) The garden was neglected for three weeks and the Okra produced extensively. The okra was too large for ordinary use, being somewhat fibrous, so the fruit was frozen to make soft and boiled for about 20 minutes...
  2. Homesteading and gardening
    Four flowers were in bloom on the Okra plants. The delightful, clear form of the bloom is a pleasure to behold. Flowers exist only for one day. I enjoy them. Okra - Wikipedia, the free [email protected]@[email protected]@/wiki/File:Question_book-new.svg" class="image"><img alt="Question book-new.svg"...
  3. Question and Answer
    Hi all, There is a local grocer that has dehydrated whole seasoned okra as a snack. It is very good. Has anyone done this and is there a good seasoning recipe you would recommend. I have a huge garden and am preparing to plant Okra. Thanks for the advice. A Texas Gardener. Seed...
  4. Homesteading and gardening
    I did and it seemed to turn out okay, but haven't reconstitued it yet. Has anyone done anything like this? Thanks,
  5. Homesteading and gardening 23 August 2008 Pretty Okra Flower This exquisite flower lasts for one day, falls off and the okra fruit forms.
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    *gag* I don't. I just can't get past the texture. If you do like it, please tell me how you prepare it, so it's good. Sara
1-6 of 6 Results