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  1. Christmas
    :cheergrl: A 921 All American Pressure Canner :cheergrl: I feel very blessed that he would buy this for me for Christmas as I don't get any present's from anyone except my dmil..Now I want to say this is NOT a feel sorry for myself post because I buy what I want all year long so I really don't...
  2. General Chat
    ....and hubby and BIL have been skunked so far. My DH and BIL are up at our cabin (UP of MI) and have been hunting for a week. (well, 6 days). DS#1 (age 27) flies into the airport last night, up there (he lives in CA) and goes out this AM, hunts 50 minutes and gets a buck. LOL! He has always...
  3. General Chat
    That didn't take long at all :(. I hate that he's miserable. I hate how he already has to miss and I hate how expensive it gets when the cooties start spreading in the house.
  4. Secondhand Shopping
    My oldest niece gave my daughter 2 1/2 big trash bags full of clothes. They are all in excellent shape and now I do not have to buy any clothes for her for school, other than underclothes!! My niece cuts our hair and she doesn't ever want me to pay her for it but after this, I will make sure...
  5. General Chat
    I'm happy and sad at the same time. She really is a terrific kid. I got lucky with this one. She's hard working, level headed and smart. Her biggest fault is wanting to save the world and I can live with that. Happy Birthday Emma!:pblow:
  6. Kids birthdays
    :smirk: Ack, I'm the mom of a 10 year old!
  7. Third Agers
    The oldest shows I remember watching are Sky King, Fury, and The Real McCoys. I am 56. It was also great growing up with all the westerns!
  8. General Chat
    turned nine today!!!!
  9. General Chat
    Poor Ds after his younger siblings were finished with their artwork.
  10. Kids birthdays
    turns 8 years old!!! he's been careful about his birthday list. He wants a couple hotwheels cars and some patches for his pants. (how sad is that, he knows were broke). So i am marching him to walmart and letting him pick out a toy and an outfit.
  11. Appliances
    Another thread I was reading, Yankeemom's about her extended warranty, made me think about this. I remember a Maytag washing machine that my mother had that lived to be 18 years old with no repairs. I've never had one that good but I did have one last for 10 years, which was a record, even...
  12. Family
    tonite. :grad: Im glad , was worried for awhile he wasn't going to make it, or they were going to make him re due this summer. he pulled up his marks in the last semester.
  13. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    I am soooo proud of him, the graduation was great last night (6/5) and we took him out to dinner last night (I know not so frugal but he deserved it) and I am just so proud.... he's my first born son and he looked so handsome! My mom and step-dad came and my mom was crying I was just so happy...
  14. Family
    Temple University, East Stroudsburg University and West Chester University but he has choosen to go to Temple University, he is taking business management for now. I am so proud of him :hugz: and he begins in August, a month before he actually turns 18, while I am soooooo proud of him I just...
  15. General Chat
    Last nite he came home and told me this certian kid was picking on him and getting kids laughing at him calling him a fruit. Which I know and he deffently not.Of corse he threatned to kick his a** today and is tired of the bullying that goes unchecked in school. This happened at the dance last...
  16. General Chat
    I'm 25, going on 26 this year, and :scratch: I'm just curious as to whom is the youngest person on our board :cutie:, and who, if they're willing to share, is the oldest :bowing:? I know, I know, a lady (or a gent for that matter) never tells her age, but come on, you can tell me! :shhh...
  17. General Chat
    Today, 16 years ago, I gave birth to my firstborn. I can't believe it's been 16 years. She is so excited to take her driver's test next week. She's become such a young lady. I feel old.:ponder: This is my oldest & my youngest........
  18. Support
    She had lung cancer and had been very ill for a long time. I'm so relieved it's over for her and her children but I'll miss her. She was a very jolly soul and always made us all laugh when we saw her. Rest easy Aunt Joyce.
  19. General Chat
    My pour Tracy had a terrible Mothers Day. Her DH took her into ER Saturday morning. The nurse left her cart in the room so the sat their 2 hours waiting. She finely had to use the bathroom and since she was hooked up to everything she had to call a nurse. When she came in it was oh I throught...
  20. Homesteading and gardening
    Put in an offer on a farm east of Winnipeg and it's been accepted. I can't imagine either of them on a farm, however they are pretty excited. I'm happy for them.
1-20 of 30 Results