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  1. General Chat
    got my electric now I am behind but I opened it and I am having an anxiety attack I have never had a bill that high for a utility . brump brump 655 due in 2 weeks... anxiety how much would it had been if I didn't try to keep it down
  2. Coupons
    If this is your brand you know how rare these are: 50c off garlic & herb: Hellmann's® | Mediterranean Roasted Garlic & Herbs $1 off olive oil: Hellmann's® | Reduced Fat Mayonnaise With Olive Oil
  3. General Chat
    With the colder weather I have been wanting hot chocolate but have avoided making it since I am currently not eating dairy. Finally I decided to look up a hot chocolate recipe without dairy. Came across Hershey's website. They even state in the recipe I can use water or milk substitue for...
  4. General Chat
    Well, I finally decided to make some fried chick peas. Had seen it done awhile back on a cooking show and always thought it was something to try. It definately helps with the junk food craving. Also a nice replacement for potato chips which I cannot eat because of allergies. Here is the...
  5. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I just got 4 emails telling me that they approved my checking and savings account and they will mail my debit cards and they gave me my online code, but said my temporary password will be mailed in 7 to 10 days. I've never stepped foot in a bank of hell in my life!! What does this mean??? Does...
  6. General Chat
    I am so glad I happened along to this website. I'm a newbie, but hope to stay with you guys for a long time!
  7. Secondhand Shopping
    DD12 had been advancing in her piano, and has outgrown our little keyboard. So I started looking for a digital piano. I don't have the time, finances and patience to maintain a piano. Our micro-climate within the home would wreak havoc on a piano. Ie- extremely dry in the winter, very humid in...
  8. Utilities
    My electric bill has jumped and I couldn't understand why? When I called nstar, a nice man told me that running my dehumidifier can raise my bill, it is like running air conditioners.
  9. Leisure & Media Arts
    Did you see last night's 2 hour final episode? DH and I were blown away!
  10. Careers
    the interview went really good( so i thought) but i didnt get the job..oh well..but the are going to keep my resume and they encouraged me to keep an eye on their web site as they do post new jobs from time to time I was quite suprise that she called to tell me i didnt get the job...she sounded...
  11. Omg

    I got a job interview on tuesday. i cant believe it.. its part time but part time in this field often leads to full my gf works there and i know the issues but i worked in worst places. wish me luck:cheer4:
  12. Financial hardship
    Credit card had a 79.9% APR from First Premier Bank - Yahoo! Finance 79.9% APR on a Credit Card!!
  13. Careers
    :teddy2: i have been sending out resumes for months and months finally i got a reply.. its for a part time job but at my pay scale ill make what many people make working 40hrs a week.. they wanted references and the reason why i left my last jog..i was honest,if i dont get the job then it not...
  14. Leisure & Media Arts
    I got my puzzles today. They sent a magazine with them of course. They have the MOTHER of all puzzles in there I swear. Maybe you have seen it? It's 24,000 pcs., the price tag is $284.95, and it measures 14ft. X 5ft!!!! DH actually said maybe after I'm back to work and all credit cards are paid...
  15. Question and Answer
    this is one of those days, when even tho I am not hungry I can't stop eating...HELP!!!! I am on WW and haven't figured out the new plan, and for some reason, I want EVERYTHING in front of far today, I have had: dietcoke and sausage mcmuffin caramel mocha and 3 choc chip cookies (all of...
  16. General Chat
    my husband george just came back from our credit union. we have a capital one visa that upped our percent to 17. we have been paying it since may and shame on us, just caught it now. thy said they sent us a letter to let us know. we don't remember getting it...but.....? so he said no way...
  17. Third Agers
    Subject: ~ SENIOR TEXTING CODES ~ ATD At the doctor's BTW Bring the wheelchair BYOT Bring Your Own Teeth CBM Covered by Medicare CUATSC See You At the Senior Center DWI Driving While Incontinent FWB Friend with Beta Blockers FWIW...
  18. Health and beauty
    I got on the scale yesterday for a reality check. I know I have gained weight and need to lose it. But really??? OMG 133 lbs at 5'0- Ouch- I wear scrubs at work so you can't really tell. The only good thing is that my boobs are bigger than they used to be :) About a year ago I weighed 10 lbs...
1-18 of 140 Results