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  1. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    Has anyone tried of the "My Online Income System"? I am wondering if you tried it and does it really work?
  2. Freebies
  3. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I do almost all banking online. I made 5 withdrawls (transfers) from savings to checking in January . I went online to check my accounts, (I do this every day) and noticed a 10.00 fee on my savings stating too many transactions. DH called the bank and they told him it was a new federal law...
  4. General Chat
    I was browsing online at, not "Walmart To Go" which is not available in my area, Just the regular website, and found that you can get great prices on groceries On-line and have them shipped free. They have value bundles and deals which you will not find in the stores. This is great...
  5. General Chat
    I did, and they arrived today! I paid $25 for two pairs and that included shipping. They work, too! I posted some pictures of me in the frames on my blog ... My Simple Life: New Glasses!
  6. General Chat
    Has any one ever done weight watchers online before? What are your thoughts? Thanks, Dawn
  7. General Chat
    Step 2® Play and Shade Patio Set : step 2 : toys & games : jcpenney Normally $80...marked down to $15. Use coupon code Y11NOVAP for another 15% off. A friend of mine posted it on Facebook and it was too good to pass up! :)
  8. Question and Answer
    Why is it that when I key in all the same numbers into different online amortization calculators, different figures pop up for the mortgage payment? I know what my bank says it is. I know what a few of the websites say. Why does everything have a different number attached? I'm looking for an...
  9. General Chat
    I am so, so, so irritated... still. Long story short, I ordered something for DS8 online. I ordered it back the day before American Thanksgiving. A week later, I received an email stating that the order had been processed and was given an invoice. (This was after being told that I had entered...
  10. Coupons
    I am trying to think of a way to save on my food budget and I think I"m going to have to start using coupons. I know there are lots of websites that have printable coupons. I also know many stores have restrictions on how and when and if they'll accept these coupons. What are generally the...
  11. Freebies
    American Greetings - Send a Smile | Facebook The first 10,000 people to sign up here will receive a FREE one year American Greetings online membership
  12. Stay at home moms
    im making money online, with a hobby and other stuff, how about you?
  13. Christmas
    I went out to stores last year, having skipped it for years past, and found, well, it's just NOT my cup of all. Got some of what I planned on at Toys R Us, walked into Walmart, decided standing in line for 2-3 hours wasn't worth it to check out, headed home, finished up online, got...
  14. Kitchen Basics
    Sorry to ask this as I'm sure it's been asked before, but the search function is not yeilding an answer for me yet. Where do you buy your dried black beans in bulk? Locally I can only find 1 & 2 pound bags at an average price of about $1.25 per pound. It's not a bad price, but If I can beat...
  15. General Chat
    This on line store provides measurements of the garment of the finished . I use these measurements whenI am shopping without someone. Little Miss currently needs shirts 24 inch long for example. I wish more on line stores provided this information it would make online shopping so much...
  16. General Chat
    Now that we are getting ready to move into our awesome new apartment, I've mentioned on Facebook the whole thing: "we're apartment hunting!" "we found an apartment!" "we signed a lease" "we're painting on Monday" etc. So naturally quite a few people have posted "can't wait to see photos!"...
  17. Stockpiling
    I'm looking for a reputable source online to buy staples like packages of instant mashed potatoes, canned foods, things that don't need refrigeration. I was hoping to find a place I could buy large cases or a full palet of food, or just a few cans/boxes/packages. Anyone know someone reputable?
  18. Envelope system
    I currently pay all my bills online. It saves stamps, envelopes, checks, trees, and time! But I want to do an envelope system so what can I do? Leave a specific amount of money in the bank and take the rest out? I definitely want to be credit card and debit card free when I am out and about...
  19. Secondhand Shopping
    Anyone else visit I love it. Similar to an ebay site but smaller and less competition. I have gotten some great deals. No I am not spamming here, just trying to share a bargain site
  20. General Chat
    has anyone created their will & trust from an online source that they trust and can recommend?