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  1. Leisure & Media Arts
    Just wondering if anyone else watched this and what they thought of the show?
  2. General Chat
    Just came on, talking about being frugal and making life style changes with the economy.
  3. Freebies
  4. Leisure & Media Arts
    Did anyone else watch it? It was aaaaaamazing! Calorie restriction dieting, growing new body parts, etc... I was so intrigued. It made me want to find out how to get a new heart. :D
  5. Leisure & Media Arts According to the show the recipes that Cat Cora did should feed a family of 4, 21 meals for $150.
  6. Leisure & Media Arts
    Today Oprah will air Dani's story. It is a true heart breaker with a happy ending. To learn more about Dani:
  7. Leisure & Media Arts
    I watch oprah on occassion and saw someone post about it yesterday and I still missed it! Then, I got a text message from a friend of mine that a woman we know was on the show!~ I can't believe I missed it! This woman was in the same "moms group" I was in a few years ago...
  8. Blog
    Step 1: Find a doctor and schedule a checkup Calling Monday to make appointment for check up and pap. Step 2: Know the five ingredients to avoid High fructose corn syrup Sugar "Enriched" Trans fat (Also known as hydrogenated fat) Saturated fats If any of these are in the first 5 ingredients...
  9. Leisure & Media Arts
    Did anyone else watch this yesterday? I recorded it on the HDD/DVD recorder. :D I started to watch it and she had some really great ideas, then bolted to get YDS from school and came back to her pumpkin chiffon pie. Mmm... For those who didn't see it, check out between now and...
  10. Leisure & Media Arts
    tomorrow. she said it was up for only 48hrs. i downloaded it really good songs. and lots of tips too.
  11. Leisure & Media Arts
    Does anyone know when this show will be airing? I love to watch it and want to make sure I DVR it. Thanks! :)
  12. Leisure & Media Arts
    Just thought those of you who had participated in the discussion about her decision to undergo a double mastecomy might be interested to hear about it from her point of view.
  13. Leisure & Media Arts
    I saw the episode yesterday and she had Suze Ormon (I hope I spelled that right) on and she was talking about this "meltdown" going on and basically what it spells out for us. I found her laymen explanation to it, pretty interesting. Suze is usually not "my cup of tea", but yesterday I felt like...
  14. Leisure & Media Arts
    I'm curious what you all think of this. Oprah Winfrey made a decision at the beginning of the presidential campaign that she was going to NOT interview any of the candidates on her show. Now, a Womens Republican Group in Florida is calling for a large-scale boycott of the Oprah Winfrey show...
  15. Leisure & Media Arts
    Suze Orman is on the Oprah show today. I don't know if it is a rebroadcast or not. The guest family at the moment is a young couple with young kids and $100k in credit card debt because she needed to keep up with the Jones's.
  16. Leisure & Media Arts
    Hi everyone, I'm curious as to people's thoughts and opinions on Oprah's topic of polygamy today. I thought it was very interesting and wonder what you thought of it if you watched.
  17. Leisure & Media Arts
    I was just over on my pet loss forum and read that for all of us who have lost a beloved pet, her show is going to be dedicated to our loss. I lost my beloved cat, Snowball one and a half weeks ago to a brain tumor and I am still crying! I went to pick up her ashes today and the tears started...
  18. Leisure & Media Arts
    Did anyone see it?The one with the family that wastes everything ,,oh goshhhh
  19. Leisure & Media Arts This year they will be choosing 5000 random winners. Usually lots of great items inside! Worth a shot
  20. Leisure & Media Arts
    It was terrible to see how puppy mills operate. The mother dog is kept in the cage all her life. Some of the dogs has never touched the ground. These dogs are forced to bear litters of puppies without even having a rest. Some of the dogs shown looked so pitiful. And at the near the end of...
1-20 of 107 Results