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  1. Freebies
    The first 30,000 people to enter the Steeped in Adventure Sweepstakes will get a FREE 3 bag sample of Oregon Chai Tea. Samples ship to the US only.
  2. Pacific Northwest Pals
    Hi everyone! Im Jaime, I live in Hermiston, but am from Western Washington. I live here with my husband, my daughter, our kitten and my ex-racehorse Lucy :horse: My husband is a Direct TV installer, and I start tomorrow in the office of a winery :)
  3. Pacific Northwest Pals
    Hello Everyone! Nice to meet you all and I look forward in getting to know you ... I love what I found on this forum ~ GOOD stuff! Have a great day! Bobbi :dust:
  4. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    So I have added a signature (hopefully) that will show the expenses I will have in my move. I am starting this thread because I can already see how these expenses will start spiralling out of control. My family in Oregon are trying to help but it will create an interesting situation. My...
  5. Freebies
    We were the first to bring chai to the U.S. with the creation of our delightful secret recipe, and we'd love to share a cup of its rich, spiced goodness with you.
  6. Pacific Northwest Pals
    I live in Grants Pass, anyone a local? Shelly
  7. Pacific Northwest Pals
    New member here looking for fellow Lane County folks, or even Oregon folks would be nice too.
  8. Freebies
  9. General Chat
    Specificaly about the towns that border Califorinia. My ds has horrible allergies, especially with mold, and I was doing some research on mild climates with low humidity. All things pointed to California but dh says he never wants to move there. I was looking at some places last night and the...
  10. Freebies
  11. Camping, RV's, Trailers, Outdoor Living
    Hello, We are looking for a lot somewhere in the Portland area to park our converted bus to live in. We are willing to pay 250$-300$ a month. What we are looking for: Preferably someplace we could have a garden. We would need to come and go about 2 or 3 times a month to empty septic. We...
  12. Freebies Take a Seat (And We Mean Take It!) – The first 100 adults (18 and over) in line at the IKEA Portland grand opening on July 25, 2007 will receive a free POÄNG armchair
  13. Pacific Northwest Pals
    I'm looking for any other Southern Oregon members. I'm new to this area and I'd love to communicate with other people who live in the area.
  14. Frugal Living I do wonder though...that $21 per recipient, is that PER PERSON in the family? Here in NY food stamps are based on your income level and the number of people in your family. So that would be $21 per person. Meaning a family...
  15. General Chat
    Hey are you guys OK up there?? We were watching the game last night, I've never seen rain come down that fast!! With the winds & rain you must be miserable.. Did it let up yet? Sounds like it stalled back there, its coming here tho, they started putting out the high wind warnings. After...
  16. Freebies
1-17 of 17 Results