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  1. Freebies
    Jergens® Skincare free samples and coupons - sign up
  2. Kitchen Clones
    KFC Original Recipe SERVES 4 -6 (change servings and units) Ingredients 2 fryer chickens, cut up into 8 pieces and marinated 6 cups Crisco shortening 1 egg, well beaten 2 cups milk 2 cups flour 2 teaspoons ground pepper 3 tablespoons salt 1 teaspoon msg 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder 1...
  3. Freebies
    Emeril Free Original Essence Seasoning Sample
  4. Hobbies
    Anyone here do original art or craft work? By original I mean from your own design -- no patterns or kits. I'm not really looking for information or advice -- just a conversation starter.
  5. For Sale or Trade
    Disney's Cinderella (The Original) (VHS, 1995) - Manufacturer Sealed - New Posted by: [email protected] Description: Sealed - Brand NewMovie DescriptionThis version of CINDERELLA is the original Walt Disney animated classic based on Charles Perrault's 17th-century fable about a poor stepdaughter...
  6. Kitchen Clones
    Hi I was wondering if someone could check this link and tell me if you think this is a good recipe. My daughter has to make cookies for a cookie exchange for school. Does this recipe look like a good one? Do you see something I should change? My daughter has already signed up for this cookie...
  7. Freebies is a new integration of traditional Vietnamese rice noodle soup and typical instant noodle soup cups. Katy
  8. Just Tips
    A lady was at my house the other day and she commented on a few things that I have that are "made" for one thing but I use them for something else... like I use a fireplace stand that I painted red for a umbella stand and I have a coal pot (I got in the same auction lot) that I painted and use...
  9. For Sale or Trade
    These are for the Original Nintendo NES game system (the oldie, but goodie). Email me at [email protected] if you want any: Friday the 13th Kung Fu HydLide Gyruss Metal Gear Castlevania II Dracula's Curse Gyromite Wall Street Kid Rampage Dance Aerobics Silent Service Top Gun...
  10. Freebies
  11. Writing Forum
    Okay, well I joined HAIN, Helping Angels In Need. I also volunteered to help out with their quarterly newsletter. I am in charge of the poetry section. I was just wondering if you or someone you know, that could give permission, has written a poem about the death of a child, due to diseases...
  12. Leisure & Media Arts
    Just this year a movie called "Cheaper by the Dozen" with Steve Marten was released. I never saw it but heard it was a remake of a movie of the same name about a family with 12 kids...but the original was really about how frugal they were etc. Has anyone seen it? Did you see the new remake and...
  13. Sewing
    It is dated August 19, 1987!!! :D So I haven't had this one as long as I thought, only 17 years! :)
  14. Rebates, Refunds, Forms, etc
    I am in search of a Original Lion King POP tab, if you have one you would like to trade...please pm me and lmk what you would like for it...thanks so much!!
  15. General Chat
    I had to share!!!:D Look what I found! This web site is so original and there are so much to see! Keri Smith is an artist. There is a newsletter and archives too. Check it out. I'm sure some of you will love it! She is inspiring...
  16. General Chat
    I'm using serendipity and love it. How about you, what are you using as your format?
  17. Kitchen Clones
    KFC Original Recipe Fried Chicken 6 cups Crisco cooking oil 1 Egg -- beaten 2 cups Milk 2 cups All purpose flour 4 tablespoons Salt 2 teaspoons Black pepper 1 teaspoon Monosodium glutamate -- OR you can use Accent flavor enhancer 1 Frying chickens -- with skin cut into 6 pieces Pour the oil...
1-18 of 20 Results