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  1. General Chat
    Yesterday the kids and dh and I were planning on visiting some family that came outta town..They mentioned meeting up and the first thing I thought was I can't afford a lunch out. I mentioned that we'd just pack a lunch for us and they were ok with I cut up fresh fruits and veggies...
  2. General Chat
    Let me just reiterate what so many people say on this board...Frugal Village rocks! :cheergrl: I had posted something in the hobbies area looking for scrapbookers in my area and VanVivCam sent me back a response. After a week of PMing, we met at our local scrapbooking store last night to do...
  3. Family
    Today Katie and I went to see Carolina Opera's production of Amahl and the Night Visitors. My high school chorus did this my senior year and we performed at several of the middle schools. I wasn't sure Katie would be into it, but she enjoyed it. She laughed at the funny parts, so I knew she was...
  4. Family
    I would think ours has got to be taking a walk in the bush. We love it. How about you?
1-4 of 5 Results