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  1. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    I've been doing my Christmas shopping a bit early this year. Just decided to try to simplify my life.... . So I've ordered my dmom and ddad a tiffany style lamp b/c they always comment on how much they like mine. The one I ordered is so much nicer than the one I have, well maybe not nicer but...
  2. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    I just signed up at auctions....and I was wondering if anyone else had ever used them, and how it turned out. From what I see, there is a lot of stuff listed, traffic is so-so (not great but not terrible either). The fees are quite a bit lower than eBay. I have quit selling on eBay...
  3. General Chat
    Anyone tried them yet? Good? Bad? The seller I'm looking at is a power seller on ebay with a great rating. So do you think I should try it out?
  4. Freebies has site-wide $1 shipping ends tonight 11:59PM.
  5. For Sale or Trade Register there now (for free) for a chance to win $50K
  6. Freebies has some of their videos on clearnace for $1 each. Combine that with the $1 shipping and you have yoruself quite a deal! I order 5 videos from them last time they had the $1 videos and was very pleased. Think birthdays, Christmas, long hot summer days!;) Hurry and get in on...
  7. Quilting
    I have found that has quilting books cheaper than any place out there. Their shipping is quite reasonable too. It's only $1.40 per book.
1-7 of 7 Results