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  1. Success Stories
    I paid off one of our credit cards today!! Then next has less than $3000 to conquer Feels great!! :pblow:
  2. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I've been snowballing only since January when I found my way back to these boards. BOA, $575 PAID, Sears, $972 PAID, Sports Authority $932 PAID. Now onto Capitol One. I've carried this debt for far too many years. Gotten it to $2158, $1000 this month, next and annihilation planned for June...
  3. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    :pblow: I just scheduled the payment! I plan to keep the account open for another month just to make sure no residual interest sneaks onto the bill and then close the account. I really didn't have a "snowball" before now (I just paid as much as I could until this one was gone), but now my...
  4. General Chat
    If your home is paid off can you tell me how you did it? Did you pay a set amount extra per month? live in it so long that the regular payment payed it off? Or just throw everything you could at it? Please explain. I am aiming for debt freedom this year. Then I have some job decisions to make...
  5. Success Stories
    Last week we paid my van off! Now we have no vehicle payments! Now on to the credit cards! yay! :)
  6. Success Stories
    the one we've been working on for a while. Got a tax refund, and there it went! :cheer4: YAY! Judi
  7. Success Stories
    As of yesterday... J.Jill: GONE! LaneBryant: GONE! HBSC (Best Buy): GONE! Barclay's Visa: 50% GONE! The other half will be gone at the end of September. :-) Michelle
  8. General Chat
    HP dropped the price of their TouchPad tablets to fire-sale levels last week because they're discontinuing the webOS. My publisher gave me a heads-up, but by then the sale info had already gone viral, so the tablets were already getting hard to find. We've been looking everywhere online all...
  9. Dave Ramsey
    And actually, his parents were the ones paying it - so we paid if off for them (they're retired and really need all the income they can keep). :D It is so nice to be able to help them out! No debt of our own meant we had the means to get 'er done. Woo-hoo! Sure hope they love their...
  10. Success Stories
    So two years after we started, we're finally done. $9300 paid in full as of today. MIL brought me the paperwork to keep here at the house that shows our history of payments. Before the direct deposit, we'd paid about about $2600. Once we got that started, it was pretty much easy from there on...
  11. Success Stories
    Took a couple years, but it's gone!! Lee
  12. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    We've already paid off all of dh's credit card debt now we are working on my cards. Mine is piddly compared to what his was lol. His took 5yrs to pay off, we paid off three of mine this past week! Just one more card and my student loan to pay off and the last card will be paid off by the end of...
  13. Freebies
    Android users! Amazon now has an Android app store and each day you can get one of the paid apps for free. The best part is that you can test them on Amazon's site with a phone emulator before you download! Appstore for...
  14. Coupons
    FYI, I so can't believe that I am the one posting this but...... At Walgreens this week Always are on sale for 2.99 with $2.99 register rewards that you can use on a future purchase. Also there is a coupon in one of the flyers over the last few weeks for $1 off. So you get paid $1 for every...
  15. General Chat
    He said I have a skills! He told me I have the ability to make something out of nothing. He went on and on, saying just look what you do with (fill in the blank)! Now that's a skill! :heartsm: What A Sweetheart! Just when I was starting to feel under appreciated. :heartsm:
  16. Dave Ramsey
    Woo-hoo! One down, one SL and car payment to go! Well, the car payment was going to be paid off today, too, but I had it on automatic withdrawal on my bank's billpay and didn't know it wouldn't let me cancel that. <roll> So that'll get done either tomorrow or Monday, once I know that payment...
  17. Success Stories
    Yay! I sent the final payment on my student loan yesterday. The darn thing had been around for years and was almost like a hungry puppy following me. The last loan in for my car. I hope to get that paid off in one year.
  18. Success Stories
    On the 21st, we received the remainder of the money from the sale of the house. Right away, we paid off the Mastercard, the VISA and the Best Buy card. The Mastercard had about $7600 on it. The VISA was close to $3k and the Best Buy card was about $1400. With the leftover cash, we're paying...
  19. Dave Ramsey
    woo hoo had been working my butt off the past month without really paying attention to how much my deposits added up to and when i did the checkbook today - i had enough to pay off the TRU visa !! woo hooo !!!!
  20. Dave Ramsey
    Paid off the visa yesterday, moving on to my truck in January, that will be done in April then it is on to piling up the cash, doing mutual fund and paying off the home. WHEEEEEEE
1-20 of 188 Results