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  1. Cast Iron cooking
    Hi there We recently bought 2 cast iron frying pans very cheap, about 8UK pounds each. The idea was to throw away the non-stick ones whose coating can be hazardous. However we are not sure if these new pans are not pained over with some kind of black paint, like the black powder paint they used...
  2. Clay Pot Crafts
    We have several clay pot crafts in progress right now. I'm wanting to know if anyone can help with ideas. We are planning on making citronella candles in 4" clay pots. Any ideas how to do this? Also we are planning to paint some clay pots with regular artist's acrylic. Is that okay? Or do...
  3. Home Decorating
    Well, I finally got all that dark woodwork covered with fresh white paint. I am posting pictures of what used to be our dining room. I have converted it into a warm, cozy family room. I still have to build the breakfast bar facing the adjoining kitchen. I invested in: paint, thermal...
  4. Hobbies
  5. Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts
    Hi all scrapbookers I had a question.Have you ever painted chipboard?I have glittered it,inked,chalked and adhered paper but I would like to paint it using paint i do folk art painting.If you have did it turn out?And what method did you use?Thanks in advance
  6. Appliances
    I have a fridge that I have sanded all the rust off and want to paint. It's very shabby, but NOT chic! Any creative ideas, pointers, mistakes to avoid? :feedback: It's the next to last thing I have left to do in the Grand Summertime Kitchen Makeover project I implemented this vacation. And...
  7. Home Decorating
    I'm proud of myself! I painted 3 rooms this weekend! Friday night, I bought 6 gallons of paint at Lowe's (rebate = $5/can) I cleaned behind the freezer, washer, dryer and painted the utility room that very night. Then, Sat. I painted the kitchen-lots of cabinets/windows/doors to paint around...
  8. Home Decorating
    I'm willing to bet most people do this, but for people like me, who are moving into their first homes, I have something to share. My momma helped me decorate my bedroom when I was a teen-ager, and I have such nice memories I want to talk about it. I don't think I've ever bought a new piece of...
  9. DIY
    ~I have a hutch that was given to me this week that is really badly in need of painting. I'd like to try that great shade of black for tables and hutches that seems to be in all the home magazines. Can anyone recommend a method, paint or finish that they've used to get this look? I've done...
  10. DIY
    i just had to share this picture of our enw paint in our living room........I LOVE IT!!! :king: what do you think?
  11. Hobbies
    like the ones in the link? you use contact paper to put your design on them then paint adn splatter them? i tried this weekend and made such a mess. the paint peeled off, and the stencil didn't come off real easy. any ideas? i was wondering if i didn't let the paint dry well enough. it felt...
  12. Hobbies Looks easy enough, I like the everyday ones!!!:hurray:
  13. Home Environment
    Like a basement, or converted porch? Our living room is a converted front porch that tends to get water seeping under the door. As a result, the carpet is moldy - YUCK! I am hoping to pull up the carpet and somehow paint the floor so that if any more water comes up, it won't be as big of a...
  14. General Chat
    While I was out driving today I saw a railroad bridge overpass that had spraypainted words on it and although I don't like people defacing other peoples property, I had to laugh. One said "I smell bacon" and another "I love cheese".  You see any goofy spray painted signs on your drives?
  15. Clay Pot Crafts
    This is really cute :boom:
  16. Clay Pot Crafts
  17. Home Environment
    I have yet to find something to clean my walls the way I want. Usually I'm left with streaks where the cleaner didn't finish the job. I'm looking for a good wall cleaner. I have semi-gloss paint on my walls. It doesn't necessarily have to be homemade. Help! I want clean walls for...
  18. Hobbies
    I thought this one would be cute to put that apple crisp mix or apple potpourri in this year...... Pretty easy to do......
  19. Home Decorating
    In this house all the moldings are not painted. They are stained. It seems weird to me to have an entire home with wood trim. None of the doors are painted either. Now I am not sure I should paint the moldings. Normally, I'd just jump into painting trim white for a crisp look. I know some people...
1-20 of 26 Results