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  1. New England Pals
    Just wondering if anyone is willing to pal-up, keep me on task, and encourage when slipping. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And "local" support in independent living would really mean a lot. Thanks!
  2. General Chat
    Don't know if this exists here already, but I am interested in finding some folks who want to swap letters. I was raised with the art of writing letters, creating cards, etc. for family overseas, and I think it is a dying art. I would love to have a couple of people to write to who would write...
  3. Midwest Pals
    Hello... I am in Wisconsin here. Looking for snail mail pals or postcardspals. I enjoy reading, country music, swapping stickers and friendship books in the mail, and flea markets. I am: [email protected] Female or Male pals welcome.
  4. Education
    Krissy's post about her son got me thinking. Anyone interesting in setting up pen pals for our kids? We could exchange postcards and letters, and it'd be a great way for our kids to learn about different places. Plus, it would be pretty cheap. Anyone want to? My daughter is 7 and we live in...
  5. West Pals
    Hello! We haven't had a Nevada checkin for a long time, lol, years. I believe there are several of us on this board now. I completely understand annonimity so the town is not necessary unless you want to give it out. Something about where I live: I'm in Pahrump. I've lived here 9 years...
  6. Family
    I thought of this when I saw Ravenmoonmother's post about wanting a pen pal for her son. There are SO many of us with kids (those without are welcome too) and I think it would be a great if the kids could receive local postcards from other kids. There are even sites that have printable pics the...
  7. Midwest Pals
    Hi, I am from Lincoln Park, MI, just 10 minutes south of Detroit. Just trying to find out if there are others on this site from MI? Thanks, Andrea
  8. Education
    I am looking for pen pals for my two boys ages 12 and 9. My oldest is onto sports, Star Wars, bike riding, etc. My 9 year old loves to play outside, is taking karate, likes to draw, is a Cub Scout, etc. I thought that this would be a fun summer activity to get them used to writing letters...
  9. Canadian Pals
    Hi, I would love to be snail mail pals with a woman from Canada. I am 35 years old and a mom to two teens (each with special needs). I work in a research lab, and I love to write creatively. PM me for more info! Al
  10. FV Neighborhoods
    Hello, I have been here for 2 days and love it already. So many topics that interest me are here. Would anyone be interested in being an online penpal? I am home all day alone and would love some friends to talk to. Thanks, Lee
  11. International Pals
    :swave: Hi to all, My 11 year old daughter is wanting to start pen-palling. If anyone has a daughter of a similar age that would be interested, please get in touch with me directly; [email protected] Tessa would be happy to write first. Thanks a lot for this, it would make her so happy. MERRY...
  12. International Pals
    Computers are great but I miss the snail mail letter days of old. I live in southern Victoria, Australia. I live on a couple of acres outside a small town. I have three boys and my husband is the local policeman. I grow all my own veges and rear animals for the freezer. My hobbies are sewing...
  13. Southeast Pals
    Hello all, Hey if you wants some new pals look me up
  14. Candlemaking
    new spin on wax dipped stuff. :toothy:
  15. FV Neighborhoods
    I want to see how many would like to do the secret pals. I would like ideas on how long we should go before revealing, etc.. So gals what do you think?
  16. Green Living
  17. International Pals
    :wave: Hi There! I,m Angie and new here, today! Just wondering if anyone, would like to be snailmail pals, with me? I,m a married mom to 3 young kids and we live in the UK. I like being with my family and friends, chatting, shopping, music, taking pictures, reading, tv, and more! If anyone is...
  18. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
  19. Clay Pot Crafts
1-19 of 42 Results