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  1. Cast Iron cooking
    Hi there We recently bought 2 cast iron frying pans very cheap, about 8UK pounds each. The idea was to throw away the non-stick ones whose coating can be hazardous. However we are not sure if these new pans are not pained over with some kind of black paint, like the black powder paint they used...
  2. General Chat
    I'm curious. I just finished cleaning up the kitchen after two days of being stuck at the computer. (earlier post) I was putting things away and I have run out of room in my bottom pan cabinet! I started looking and re-arranging and I noticed that I have pots and pans that are 30 years old...
  3. Just Tips
    any thoughts on how to clean my 'icky burnt on caked on need to be replaced but dont want to spend the money to do it' drip pans? i ran them thru the dishwasher and it didn't really help. the replacements are like $14 for my stove so im just going to try and clean them instead.
  4. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Wasn't quite sure where to post this but thought maybe you all could help me find a good deal. I have cast iron, I have stainless steel and I also have a few non stick pans. The problem is buying non stick pans that don't lose their coating. My recent casualty is a "Simply Calphalon" saucepan...
  5. Just Tips
    Looking for tips on how to use a muffin pan in a way other than to make muffins. As an example, I've read some people use them as molds for melted down leftover crayons.
  6. General Chat
    to make little pizzas for our families in the next week or two. The kids can put there own ingr. on what they want. I make the w.w. dough. Here's the link i found the idea on. heres a pic of my pans from the dollar atore, not as big...
  7. Kitchen Basics
    I found a silicone 24 cup muffin pan with a sled (holder)...for $19.99, but know nothing about these silicone baking products. Does anyone else have, use or know anythin about these? Muffin tins don't seem to last long after burning something & they get difficult to clean. Maybe these are...
  8. Kitchen Basics
    It turned out really good.. It was a chocolate cake filled with cool whip mixed with mini chco chips...I made it to look like a pumpkin...we took it to our small group last night and everyone enjoyed it very much.....The pans are very easy to use, and worth the price!!!
  9. Kitchen Basics
    I don't know if this is in the right place, but I really would like to know how to "season" cast iron pots and pans. I have had a few over the years and they've all rusted and I threw them in the trash. :P Is there a special method? Thanks! :)
  10. Baking Breads
    hamburger and hotdog buns? I know people have said to just shape regular bread like a hamburger or hotdog roll, but it's not exactly the same.
  11. For Sale or Trade
    Gingerbread boy (from 1985, retired) Christmas tree (from 1986, retired) I have the directions/insert for the G. Boy pan but not for the Christmas tree pan. Asking $10 for both plus shipping.
  12. Just Tips
    I've been giving a great deal of thought to this as I anticipate my kitchen being put back together (hopefully) soon. My old system was fine, but I'm always on the lookout for a system which is more space/time efficient or nicer to look at. do YOU organize YOUR pots and pans?
  13. Just Tips
    DUSTPAN: cut out one side of an old cake pan with a copin saw. if you want a handle, drill two holes on the opposite side and bolt onto an old broomstick. UTILITY TRAY: store nuts, bolts, nails, screws, and other work-shop materials in an old muffin tin. SERVING TRAY: avoid spills-use a muffin...
  14. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    and what type do you buy? My baking pans just are HORRIBLE. I guess I keep buying the cheapies. I currently don't even own a 9x13. :eek: Is it worth it to invest in more expensive baking pans or is everyone just really careful about caring for their pans?
  15. Kitchen Basics
    Now I need recipes to use in them! :D I had a $20 gc for to use up before 3/31 so I got these 2 pans, 10" deep skillet with lid, 8" open skillet. Got free shipping and only paid $9.98 for the two of them, they came in the mail today! :yippee: I would love a tried and true recipe...
  16. Religion
      <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=6 width=430 border=0> <TBODY> I found this on the website and thought you all might enjoy it~ a reminder that everything we do can be offered up! <TR> <TD width="100%" bgColor=#ff9999> <B>Lord of All Pots and Pans!</B></TD></TR> <CENTER>...
  17. Just Tips
    Stains can be a problem in pots and pans. So fill the pot or pan with a solution of 3 tablespoons of vinegar to a pint of water. Boil until stain loosens and can be washed away.
1-17 of 17 Results