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    CVS has marked down some of their Pantene Products; like the brunette expressions, blonde expressions and some of the larger sized shampoo and conditioner. They are marked down to $3.00 and some odd change... There is a $3.00 off of 2 coupon in the 11/27 P&G (it expires 12/31) making these...
  5. Freebies
    Pantene is offering FREE Keratin Creme on Friday (8/26) to the first 10,000 people to sign up at noon 3 ET. This offer is available to the US only. Pantene North America - Wall | Facebook
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    Facebook FANS (US) ONLY: P&G myGIVE "Gift to you" starts on March 28th, at 6pm EST! We have 8000 PANTENE shampoo and conditioner samples to giveaway!!! P&G myGIVE | Facebook
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    Pantene scientists identified four distinct hair structures - fine, medium to thick, curly and color-treated- and created new customized solutions to help you find the healthy style you've been searching for. Click on the frames to meet your hair's Mr. Right and receive a free* sample of...
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    Log in or register to Vocalpoint. "Request a full-size sample of Pantene Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality shampoo and discover the strength* that results from the fusion of science and nature.** *Strength against damage. Shampoo vs. non-conditioning shampoo. **Must be a Vocalpoint member; limited...
  9. Rebates, Refunds, Forms, etc
    If you are not completely satisfied, we’ll send you a check for up to $12.00 US to purchase the product of your choice. To receive your refund include the required materials and mail in to the address listed. Maximum refund $12. This offer is limited to one per name, household or address and is...
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    "Pantene Pro-V introduces its advanced Nature Fusion collection that features a shampoo with naturally derived Cassia essence to meet the demands of the season's jet-setting lifestyle. Be among the first to get on our best-tressed list by registering below to receive a full-sized sample from...
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    Choose "Walmart" for the first answer and "brand over price" for the second.
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    I love Pantene!
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  18. Freebies skip intro and take the quiz i am not sure if i can post this in this forum ? if not redirect me thanks
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1-20 of 28 Results